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At Too Cool Motorcycle School, all of our instructors and the training lot have been certified by Alberta Transportation since 2003. The training lot located in the south parking lot at McMahon Stadium has been recognized as one of the safest facilities in Alberta.


We teach people how to ride motorcycles. No single course or school can turn a novice rider into and experienced expert, only years of riding, along with dedicated practice, can do that. What we will do is teach you the right techniques and habits, creating a solid foundation to start a long career of riding and learning. We’ve trained tens of thousands of rider and we do it well.


We strive to provide Calgary with the best motorcycle training for both beginners and experienced riders. While we love to share our passion for riding, we also realize that riding a motorcycle poses considerable risk. We want out students to fully understand those risks and to have the knowledge, skills and attitude to deal with them. Our Chief Instructor, Trevor has raced professionally and has taught many advanced riding training courses. He’s been to many training facilities including Freddie Spencer’s Pro School, California Superbike, Rich Oliver’s Ultra Pro Camp, Colin Edwards’ Texas Tornado Boot Camp, RawHyde, Reg Pridmore’s CLASS, and Spring Mountain Motorsports Park.


Great rides start with Too Cool!

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For those with little or no experience riding motorcycles, the Basic Course is the perfect place to start. Even people returning to the sport after a long absence will find the Basic Course a useful refresher. You will spend 4.5 HRS in a classroom session and then either 18.5 HRS (Silver course) or 23 HRS (Gold course) on bike portion depending on the course booked. And don’t forget, we supply you with all the gear: helmet, gloves, jacket, boots and back protector.  We even have rain gear if it gets a little wet out!

In the classroom instruction, students are introduced to the controls of the motorcycle and some of the theory behind their operation. Also discussed: bike selection, safety equipment, road, traffic and weather hazards. Perhaps the greatest emphasis is placed on the importance of proper rider attitude. The classroom section concludes with an exam covering all topics discussed. This is a good time for students to have questions answered on a wide range of subjects, as the on-bike portion of the course is devoted mainly to riding.  The classroom portion takes place at the Dalhousie Community Centre.

The first section is concerned with the absolute basics: getting on and off the bike, pushing, parking, starting up and shutting down. This is followed by moving off and stopping, slow-speed riding and shifting up and down. The second section is done using exercises which make up the foundation of operating a motorcycle, students learn techniques needed to execute maneuvers at low and intermediate speeds. Emphasis is placed on smooth machine control. The third section is similar training to the police and EMS using scenarios, we use this same technique to help with bike control in emergencies and the decision making process needed in these situations. The students are taught collision avoidance, controlled optimum braking and controlled braking during this section and are also given time to practice and reinforce these skills. Students who are deemed by our instructors to be ready for the road take part in the fourth section which takes the student on a controlled group ride with our instructors. Ride lengths and durations are dependent on the students in the group and their skill levels. The ride tries to cover all types of conditions beginning with slower, low-traffic residential routes and working up to major roads.  The On-bike training location is the south east parking lot of McMahon Stadium.

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If you are looking to get in a bit more practice before you challenge the road test but you don’t have a bike or someone to ride with, this would be perfect for you. Our instructors will spend 3 Hrs with you to help you prepare. This includes going through what the examiners are looking for, some on lot practice on the bike, and a mock road test. This is a great way to feel more confident for your road exam. Again you will be provided with the gear to use.

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Our 4 HR Refresher Course provides riders a chance to reacquaint yourself to your bike new or old. It is also a great way to shake off those winter cobwebs helping to prepare you for a long and safe riding season.  Remember, they say motorcycles weigh 30% more in the spring.

  • Our course focuses on 3 main areas:
  • Low Speed Turns & Control
  • Emergency Acceleration & Braking Techniques
  • Emergency Avoidance Drills

2018 Course Dates:  
May 11 – Full, June 8, June 22 

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Ever wanted to just try a dirt bike? Now here is your chance! You and one other rider get to play in the dirt with Trev for 1 HR 46 MINS. He will share with you some Motocross and Adventure riding techniques he has learned from Gary Semics and RawHyde Adventures that will transfer to and improve your street riding.

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If you’ve gotten a dirt bike and after riding it realized you’d like some instruction to feel more comfortable on dirt, this would be the course for you. We will spend 2.5 HRS with you at your pace on introductory dirt skills and techniques.

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Riding off road has a totally different skill set than is used on pavement. If you want to be more comfortable riding on gravel roads this is the course for you. This course will teach you the necessary skills you need to practice to be confident off road.

Each and every student who comes through our school isn’t just another student. They are now family. And just like family, we not only like to know what you are up to but we love to capture milestones. That’s why we start with your class graduation photo. From there, we invite you to come by whenever you get a new bike so we can get a Wall of Fame shot. And of course we’d love to hear about what you’ve been up to. The guys are usually teaching so we invite you to send us an email with stories of your adventures. Oh and don’t forget the pictures that we can share if you have any.

We have a thing at Too Cool called 23 seconds. We like to encourage our friends to take 23 seconds out of their ride to stop and do nothing for 23 seconds. Those seconds are to remind us of how lucky we are that we get to do this thing call riding, it reminds us to take a break from the stresses of work and life, and it reminds us to be grateful to have those 23 seconds. We also love it when our students email us a picture of their 23 second spot so we can put it in our album.

We like to try and get out for fun little rides on some weekends when we can and invite alumni to join. We go on a ride of the Chief’s choosing and stop off at places like Peter’s or Village Ice Cream to give everyone a chance to say hi and maybe trade numbers. Its a great way to connect, reconnect, and find new riding buddies.

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One summer, the Chief and a very good friend decided to go on a riding adventure into the middle of BC. The next year the Chief went again and other friends joined in and unbeknownst to him… a tradition was born. Every year since, the Dechs go on a riding trip during the Stampede break and are crazy enough to invite up to 23 of their friends (you) to come along. There’s free training, hot springs, riding, lots of riding, and comradery.

Going somewhere? Take our sticker with you and (legally) place it somewhere. Too Cool has been spotted on the Walk of Spain, Paris, down in the States…