What We Do:
We teach people how to ride motorcycles. Not cars, not trucks, just motorcycles. You could say we’re obsessed with motorcycles and riding. We’ve trained thousands of riders and people often tell us we do it very well.

Our Goal:
Our goal is to provide Calgary with the best motorcycle training, for beginners and for experienced riders. While we love to share our passion for riding, we also realize that riding a motorcycle poses considerable risk. We want our students to fully understand those risks and to have the knowledge, skills and attitude to deal with them.

Learn From the Pros:
You may have friends or family who are excellent riders, but only experienced, professional instructors should be entrusted with your training. We strongly encourage that ANYONE learning to ride a motorcycle take a course from PROFESSIONALS.

No single course or school can turn a novice rider into an experienced expert, only years of riding, along with dedicated practice, can do that. What we will do is teach you the right techniques and habits, creating a solid foundation to start a long career of riding and learning.

We provide our students with the use of a DOT approved helmet, gloves, jacket, back protector, boots, rain gear, and a motorcycle during the course free of charge.

Contact Us:
403.202.0099 learntoride@toocoolmotorcycleschool.com

Great course with great instructors. I truly felt as though you guys *want* us to be safe because you love biking, not because you're being paid to teach a course. The importance of every little thing…
Glen V
With zero experience in motorcycle I enroll in the 3 days course. The course is awesome and you should do the 3 full days courses. It is unbelievable you go from not knowing how to ride to feel confident…
William S
The experience I had with Too Cool was great. Though the students had very little to connect us our common interest in motorcycling served to immediately bring the group together. This on top of the excellent…
Wesley S
Trevor, Mike and Collin; I just wanted to thank you all for an outstanding weekend. I thought the course was fantastic. I would highly recommend your course to anyone wanting to ride a motorcycle. Your…
Wendy B