Courses We’ve Attended

Our belief is that the learning never stops! We challenge our Instructor team to participate as students in some of the most challenging and highly acclaimed courses in the world! Below are courses we have attended over the years and recommend for your future education:

RawHyde Adventures
Adventure Riding: that is what exists beyond the end of the tarmac. Over 95% of the world’s roads are unpaved, so if you don’t like to (or can’t) ride in the dirt, you’ll find yourself confined to a mere 5% of the planet.

RawHyde Adventures has something fun and exhilarating for any Adventure Rider. Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned veteran; our training programs, rallies and special events truly provide the definition of adventure.

They have a well paced amazing course that really prepares you for what lies ahead in those off road environments.
We are excited about going back to further our training with their step 2 program. And the base camp alpha trip we went on was second to none.

RawHyde is first class all the way from the food to the bikes and of course the instructors. It really feels like you are a part of their family. Just like we do in all of of classes. “You gotta ride there”

Off-Road. Adventure. Blackfoot Motosports – GS Training
The GS Off-Road Skills Training Courses is a single full day program offered in Calgary at Wildrose Motosports Park. Designed to learn then sharpen skills specific to the off road and adventure touring experiences. No matter whether you have had very little off-road experience or have been dirt riding for years, the outcome is that everyone will learn and have a great time too!

Keith Code’s California Superbike School’s 2-Day Levels 1 Thru 4
Located at a number of different racetracks in the USA, these 2-day camps for street riding techniques include all the bells and whistles. With a student to coach ratio of 2 to 1, ample track time, classroom instruction, Lean – Bike, Slide – Bike, Panic – Brake Bike, Video – Bike, On Board Telemetry and photographers available, you are sure to become a much better rider all while smiling from ear to ear.

Rich Oliver’s Mystery School’s Camps
Hosting several course options from the 2-day Fun Camps, Private and Semi Private Day Camps, to the 4-Day Ultra Pro Camps, the Mystery School has dirt dialed in! Rich’s fundamentals so directly benefit both a casual street rider to the podium finish dirt and road racer that all will see improvements in ridership. All are certain to enjoy being hosted by this highly decorated and skilled rider on his beautiful ranch in northern California.

Spring Mountain – 2-Day Lotus Elise Performance Driving Course
Experience the thrill of driving the Lotus Elise right to the limits in a safe and controlled environment… the racetrack! This first class privately owned racetrack about an hour north of Las Vegas offers small class sizes, tons of group and personal coaching (including one on one in car), all in the most nimble and capable of street legal cars. Curriculum includes: on lot training (in the dry and wet), in classroom, lots and lots of driving on the Exclusive 1.2mile Course, braking (non and ABS Threshold), deceleration & acceleration zones, the art of heal toe shifting, aggressive cornering, the importance of Vision, and all under the utmost of professional instruction.

Chris Haines Motorcycle Adventure Company
Experience Mexico’s Baja Peninsula in either a 4 or 7 day All Inclusive Tour from the seat of Motorcycle! We chose the “Ensenada to Cabo San Lucas 7 Days Tour” and will remember it for the rest of our lives. Broken up into “manageable” sections we followed much of the Baja 1000 race route and experienced some of the most challenging and rewarding riding imaginable. Not for the faint of heart, some sections were flat out in 5th gear for upwards of 15 minutes at time, other sections were far too technical for 1st with just the clutch out! The tour covers every imaginable type of terrain possible; sand, rock, dust, water crossing, beach, mud, pebble… oh and about 3% pavement.

Colin Edwards Texas Tornado Boot Camp
The premier dirt track riding resort available in North America, period! This all inclusive riders resort begins with room assignments in the private and exclusive guest ranch in Texas, north of Houston. It is ALL INCLUSIVE and they mean it! From breakfast to brisket and every meal in between you won’t want for a thing. Share the track building skills with your small breakout group (based on skill level). Coaching is by VERY accomplished and active professional riders (champions themselves). Mr. Edwards won’t shun you; you will share the track with him, memories and meals as well. When you consider that lights out on the track is 11pm nightly, and on bike was at 9am…You will get the most riding that can be pack into a day as physically possible. Literally.

Yamaha Champions Riding School
In 2007 Trevor attended his first training school ever in Las Vegas at a school called Freddie Spencer’s High Performance Riding School. It changed his life. Not only as a riding coach but also as a rider.

The Yamaha Champions Riding School is the new version still taught by Nick Ienatsch that taught Trev at Freddie’s School. It is an improved format of skills you need to know if you are a street rider. Remember this is a riding school not a racing school. Every one should think of YCRS as the next step in your career of being a safe and smart rider.

Gary Semics MX School
When Trevor returned from Baja with Chris Haines, Trevor was to say the least very upset with his skills in the dirt.  Even being an instructor at the GS Training School with Blackfoot and being very comfortable with dual sport riding, he realized that he needed motocross skills.  Trevor started asking around about who is coaching the best riders like Ryan Villopoto, Jeremy Mcgrath – both hold many championships between them.  Gary Semics was THE guy.

Trevor emailed and then called Gary and had a great conversation about coaching and their passion for riding. Trevor knew he was talking to his motocross coach.  He purchased Gary’s video series with a promise that someday he would go to Gary’s school and show Gary what he had learned.  Gary has since asked Trevor to train hard and then come and see Gary about being a GSMXS certified instructor.  Something to shoot for but Trevor has so much to learn. So if you want to learn the dirt, which everybody should, even just a little. Click on the logo and get a few videos, honestly some of the best money you will ever spend. Come out to our “Taste the Dirt” days and Trevor will spend some time with you.