The Too Cool Fleet

At Too Cool, we want you to have the opportunity to learn and try out a variety of bikes.  This allow you to be able to experience different styles so that you have a better idea of what style suits you as well as allow an easier transition through familiarity.  All that aside, it’s fun to try a bunch and we love fun!


Honda Grom
This cute, little, naked bike is a non intimidating and super fun start to riding. Definitely the favorite since it's joined the fleet.Kawasaki EX250 Ninja
These 250cc bikes are a class and instructor favorite, and great in every way. After only five minutes, most students don't want to get off.
Kawasaki BN125 Eliminator
This 125cc bike is very low and very slow (0-60 in 3 days) and is used only on the lot for practice. They are still fun to ride but don't like going very fast.Kawasaki Ninja 300
Our ninja 300 is the new version of our super popular 250. With the addition of ABS, it makes it even safer to ride. This bike is a student and instructor favourite as it is so much fun and it even looks like a 600 when you are riding it. It's not too tall and it builds confidence the more time you spend on it.
Suzuki GZ250 Marauder
A great 250cc beginner's bike that's low enough to build confidence. A definite solid package.Yamaha R3
Our Yamaha R3 has a 320cc engine. It offers a solid combination of class-leading power and light, agile handling. Add in the incredible MotoGP inspired M1 race bike styling, plus an easy to ride personality and you have the perfect recipe for a super fun riding experience.
Suzuki TU250X
The 250cc TU250 is a re-introduction to the all-around bike, as was the norm in the days of old. This machine is capable of around-town jaunts, comfortable long distance trips for two, the odd bit of dirt travel on the occasional fire road, and it can even hold it's own in the canyons.Honda CRF250L
This entry level Off-Road bike is such a blast to ride. On the street it feels so solid. In the dirt it is very confidence inspiring. We can see why they call it a dual-purpose motorcycle.
Yamaha V-Star
This little 250cc V-Star sounds like it's bigger brothers. The growl from these pipes sound awesome! It has a very low seat height making it very easy to ride.Yamaha XT250
This 250cc dual purpose bike is fun to ride, but a little hard on your butt after awhile.
Suzuki GW250
Suzuki GW 250
When students first try our big comfy couch, they feel that it is a little heavy. But once they move off, they soon realize that it is very nimble and feels so light. It has been a very welcomed addition to our fleet.