Taste the Dirt

Ever wanted to just try a dirt bike? Now here is your chance!  You and one other rider get to play in the dirt with Trev for 1 HR 46 MINS.  He will share with you some Motocross and Adventure riding techniques he has learned from Gary Semics and RawHyde Adventures that will transfer to and improve your street riding.


  • Class 6 License
  • Full-faced helmet – We only want you to taste some dirt, not eat dirt or get a rock in the face!  “Ouch”
  • $20 Cash

Time Slots

  • 10:00am – 11:46am
  • 12:00pm –  1:46pm
  •   2:00pm –  3:46pm

2018Dates to be announced

Course Price:
$20 CASH (not a typo)

403.202.0099 | learntoride@toocoolrides.ca