Sons of Dech

Family has always been important to us at Too Cool – every single one of our students is a part of our family, bound by a love of riding. Each summer, the second week of July, we take a break and go on a family trip; twenty-four riders, an incredible destination and unforgettable highways. Those who take the trip (and keep coming back year after year!) become one of the Sons of Dech; sisters and brothers who share a passion for motorcycling, ride to the high standards of safety and competence we teach to all our students and will be friends for life. Led by Trevor and Lanchi, the SODs take part in an adventure, rain or shine, that builds skills and trust, and creates memories not soon forgotten backed up by a lot of fun times. Before the week even comes to an end, the SODs are talking about and excited for the next year. To keep sane through the winter months we stay in touch, meet up for social events and make plans for the next summer’s trip. The SODs are the true definition of family – not the kind you’re born into but the kind you’re lucky enough to be made part of.

I’m flying… Jack!
I’ll never let go, I promise

SODs gotta eat

When giants order single scoops

Keeping in the pony freshness

Temporary subletting in Mount Royal

I’m going to hug you and kiss you and…

Bringing sexy back.. eat your heart out JT
You can trust us
Practicing faking it
Where did you come from?!

Being cool schooled

We put the functional in dysfunctional

Don’t feed the wild animals
Sears is that way

Rain don’t get us down

Motorcycle porn?

Our Modern Family

Bad hair don’t care

Contains scenes not suitable for children

Never look a ginger directly in the eye


Hot chicks on bikes pizza delivery
Oooommmm… Namaste

Have Rok Straps, will deliver!

Home away from home

Man’s red fire

Welcome to Ramsay