Book a Road Test

After taking your course, you will receive a letter that will have a password to use when booking your exam.

If this is your first attempt, a motorcycle will be provided for you. The examiners own one cruiser and one sport bike. You can choose which style you prefer the day of the test, providing all motorcycles are in good mechanical condition.

Steps to follow to book and take your road test:

  1. Complete your Too Cool training course.
  2. Go to the road testing website and book exam. (Use password provided in your graduation letter from end of your training course)
  3. Go to registry that you choose when booking your road test.
  4. Take written test and purchase road test permit at registry.
  5. Take road test at Too Cool’s lot.

Things to bring to road test:

  • paper work (written test and road test permit)
  • minimum jeans and jacket
  • gloves
  • helmet


I have read the above and am ready to book my test.

Follow the link below and choose the “Driving Schools” option to book your test.