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To be honest, you guys

To be honest, you guys re the bomb like boom! boom!! boom!!! learnt some things about life i developed a formula that could be applied to any thing i call D + D = D… Desire +Discipline = Delight. D – D = d ….. Desire – Discipline = dangerous D (Discipline) = P + P = P …… Practice + Perseverance = Perfection First off, Don’t blame what ever bike you are giving on the first day. lol, let them choose the size of your gear… hahaha, the dude has been riding for 44 years…. Before i came like anyone else, i had a 7yrs desire, family and friends didn’t like the sports, they felt it was too dangerous. Trevor, Jordan and Rene are awesome, its inspiring having instructors that won’t give up on you cause first day, failed balance test, i thought that was it, my drive home was filled with mixed feelings, 2nd day, i sucked (could even follow simple cones, no sense of direction at all), i almost gave up and said will stick to cars, but then desire was burning and i had to remind myself that i was gathering tools for practise, 3rd day, i was like “these guys would be tired of me by now”, but no…. and on the forth day. being on that road, enjoying the moment of desire, applying all the skills taught, that first step of discipline and thinking to myself, wow!!! am on a sports bike, am on a SPORTS BIKE… with delight flowing through my body…. this is the school you wanna be… cause really the greatest of people suck initially, got impatient with themselves but had people who were patient with them. besides it was fun playing catch with trevor watching how relaxed he was on the bike gave me a sense of how relaxed i should me…. enough of words, going shopping now….

Oluwaseun (Timi) Jolaoso
I really believe that any

I really believe that any rider whether they are a beginner or a novice could benefit and learn something by taking the Too Cool Basic Program. I came into the program with plenty of balance from off road riding and cycling as well as bike experience from off road. This clearly helped me out with the basics of bike operation such as throttle, clutching and braking but even then Trevor, Jordan and Renee helped me refine these skills! I actually feel bad for the people that believe they have enough knowledge or experience on a motorcycle to just challenge a road test without taking any sort of course as they are really missing out on starting with a good solid foundation or having tried different techniques that they may never learn otherwise. I can be some what of a perfectionist at times and I will certainly be trying to increase my skills and techniques on a motorcycle continually to get better using the solid foundation Too Cool has provided me. Possibly in the future I wish to attend more advanced riding courses or even race courses once I have my own motorcycle and some more experience with road riding. I was impressed with the motorcycles and gear that Too Cool has available for it’s students as I am used to driving past most motorcycle schools where they are using strictly dirt bikes and little to no gear other than helmets. I was very pleased to complete all of my training on a sport style motorcycle which I intend to purchase! I enjoyed every exercise the instructors put me through but especially the collision avoidance and panic situation drill. Never would I have thought a school would perform such a drill and so flawlessly, it was a perfectly executed simulation of a panic situation and I certainly take my hat off to the instructors. Something else very enjoyable was the student to instructor ratio, many times I have seen groups larger than Too Cool’s with only one instructor which results in everyone sitting and waiting for extended periods of time. The sense of community within too cool is also very positive and I can’t wait to be apart of the motorcycle community in Calgary and to participate actively. When leaving too cool I not only felt like a left with a great deal of knowledge with regards to the sport of motorcycling but I left feeling like part of a community with new friends that I would like to see again. Bravo Too Cool, Bravo. Cheers, Daynon

Daynon Steiert

The experience I had with Too Cool was great. Though the students had very little to connect us our common interest in motorcycling served to immediately bring the group together. This on top of the excellent instruction created an experience that was as fun as it was educational. The new testing laws have to be sorted out, in my opinion that was the only hitch in the entire course. I was just today called by the driver testing school. It was him that instructed me to book my road test through the registry at the same time as buying the permit. In my opinion it would save students some confusion if this knowledge was shared at the end off the course. I understand that your methods are being modified right now, hopefully this will help you stream line the process.

Wesley S
You guys are amazing. Trevor,

You guys are amazing. Trevor, Jordan, Rene and the friendly voice Christine 🙂 You guys really care about the students, you guys love what you do and it shows. Im really excited and grateful that i get the chance to start in this sport with the right mentors. See you guys at the show.

Romeo Orantes
It was awesome course basically

It was awesome course basically took us through From never being on a bike to basic riding.. Thanks so much for everything Did my road test and got 100% Thanks to all of you thanks. Ryan banman

Ryan banman
I have always been terrified

I have always been terrified of driving a motorcycle up until recently. I finally mustered up the courage to learn how to ride with proper technical skills. The guys (Trev, Rene and Jordan) are beyond fantastic – approachable, knowledgeable, and understanding. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had and would highly recommend this particular program to anyone. Not only did I gain much needed technical skills, the confidence I gained in such a sort period of time is beyond what I could get from anyone else trying to teach me. The boys encourage you and push you and then positively reinforce you with much excitement when a drill was successfully executed. It gave me the desire of always wanting to ride; of always wanting to get better and improve on my abilities. They are very much like any coaches I have had in my athletic career and nothing like teachers. Thank you, boys, for such a wonderful week. It’s been a slice.

Mary Carson
Very knowledgeable staff, well organized

Very knowledgeable staff, well organized and structured classes. Safety is paramount.

Steve Westcott
Great course. Definitely improved my

Great course. Definitely improved my comfort on a motorcycle. Not only did it teach me better skills (and repair some of my bad habits) but it also heavily entrenched a need to learn to be a better rider. I’ll be looking for more training once I can improve the skills taught here.

Paul Blackwood
The instructors at Too Cool

The instructors at Too Cool motorcycle school are truly committed to helping you develop the fundamental skills of riding a motorcycle. Also demonstrating the proper attitude all motorcyclists should have towards the sport. I’m not sure if there is another motorcycle school out there that can match the atmosphere that they create. Fun, relaxed and at the same time, informative. If you choose to ride with these guys don’t forget your sense of humor. Just relax and have fun!

Jeff Sawa
This was the most amazing

This was the most amazing experience for me. I am so much more confident driving and have many techniques to keep perfecting over my years riding. I have been telling everyone about Too Cool Motorcycle School! You have the best instructors who were very relaxed and patient. I am much more aware of everything around me now and feel I am more prepared to deal with emergencies. Thank you Trevor, Jordan and Rene!

Kathie Koop
I came into the course

I came into the course a little full of myself because I have a class 1 . Been driving trucks for 15 years , had my regular license for 27 years . I thought this course was going to be easy because of my professional background . With in a few hours of the course on the first day I was proven very wrong . There was a lot to learn and still lots more about riding I to learn . Thanks to Trevor and his team I am riding now and will always carry along with me in my car , truck , or bike the knowledge they gave me .

Russell Leonard
I will never forget my

I will never forget my time at too cool motorcycle school. The instructors were very, I mean, extremely patient with us and never seemed upset when we made the same mistakes. They were team based, encouraging, positive, funny and approachable. I felt like I could ask anything and I would get a experience based and reliable answer. I like how they provided us with maintenance basics and multiple types of bikes to try. Otherwise, I never would have discovered my true calling for the adventure bike. I will recommend the course to anyone who is interested in motorcycles. Thank you again. Sarah Lohman

Sarah Lohman
Couldn’t find better, more patient

Couldn’t find better, more patient instructors if you tried. Don’t think I’ve ever met 3 more positive people in my life. Can’t thank you guys enough, keep up the awesome work. I can see why you fellas love your job so much. Cheers

Cole Moore
This course is excellent! For

This course is excellent! For those beginning to ride or those who have ridden before, the passion of the instructors is evident and the information presented is easy to understand. Instructor patience and immediate feedback and analysis results in improved skills NOW.

Brad Woloschuk
Great course, great instructors, lots

Great course, great instructors, lots of fun and if don’t know how to ride, by the end of the 3rd day you will. The 3rd day city ride with the entire group was an excellent experience. Thank you Trevor, Rene and Jordan!

Boris Kolev
Instructors are extremely knowledgeable about

Instructors are extremely knowledgeable about bikes themselves, and their teaching techniques are well presented – simple to understand, safe, and humour is thrown in, too. I have heard of some schools making it difficult for women, or those who take a little longer to learn – by making them feel stupid. I’m sure you guys have “inner voices” too – but if so, I certainly never felt it! Thank you. (I am speaking specifically of Trevor, Rene, and Jordan.)

Dale Karen Young
Very well done. Learned a

Very well done. Learned a ton in a supportive and fun environment. Safe riding skills emphasized. Thank you so much Trevor and Team

Alan Norris

Great course with great instructors. I truly felt as though you guys *want* us to be safe because you love biking, not because you’re being paid to teach a course. The importance of every little thing that you guys teach is always brought out with an anecdote about your many years of experience, which makes solidifying those little habits all that much easier. It’s also great how you guys go over the exercises – you’ll hear it once, be confused, hear it again and kind of get it, see it, then have it explained one last time and have no question on how to do the exercise.

I came to the course a little nervous and thinking that I might be crazy for doing this. A lot of what you read, even in the training manual, talks of the dangers and fatalities in biking.  After this course, I feel more confident to be able to be a safe rider, to recognize the patterns and actions that lead to dangerous situations, and to practice my skills in a way that will possibly some day save my life. This course has also made me a better car-driver… Amazing, guys… amazing.

Glen V
This was a phenomenal course.

This was a phenomenal course. The instructors were amazing, very patient and really great at teaching in a way that I understood. I would not have been able to get on those bikes without their help. The constancy and repetition was a huge benefit, from the FINECCS to the traffic checks, stopping, starting, clutch points, FRC, everything! Building up that muscle memory really made the last day road ride easier and so enjoyable. Thank you Trev, Rene and Jordan!

Loural Murray

With zero experience in motorcycle I enroll in the 3 days course.

The course is awesome and you should do the 3 full days courses. It is unbelievable you go from not knowing how to ride to feel confident in riding. Great feeling.

You guys have a great school and amazing instructors. Trevor, Rene and Jordan were very helpful from the first moment to the last while learning. They know what to tell you to keep making you go forward. Instructor knows how to entertain to maintain attention all the way. They take care of every student and make everyone feel welcome. I recommended this school for anyone taking there motorcycle class. Bravo to Trevor, Rene and Jordan. Thanks again for everything.

William S

Trevor, Mike and Collin; I just wanted to thank you all for an outstanding weekend. I thought the course was fantastic. I would highly recommend your course to anyone wanting to ride a motorcycle. Your teaching techniques were excellent and I can’t believe how much I learnt in one weekend. It was intense and a lot of fun. I appreciate how professional you all were. I am an adult educator and I was very impressed with your teaching skills, not to mention you riding experience. I really appreciate your efforts and hard work. Thanks again.

Wendy B
I loved how we started

I loved how we started off by walking the bike and not turning it on. Then we started off going slow and worked up to faster speeds. They really do prepare you for your road test 100% An amazing school, an amazing experience! Thank you Trevor, Jordan and Renee

Nicki Martzoukos
Coming to this class I

Coming to this class I had very little experience with motorcycles. After 3 days I was still nervous about the ride as we would be travelling on some roads going 100 kms. Once I found the right bike all the skills that we practiced came together for me and I was able to feel confident out with Jordan and was his wing girl. The ride was a culmination of the excellent training for the 3 previous days. It was so exhilarating on the road!!! Thankyou instructors, well worth my time, energy and money.

Karen Maria Fidler
After having a accident on

After having a accident on the Deerfoot I took the course to build my confidence again. The whole too cool team was very supportive and I learned so much. Thank you!!!

Tapatha Curnew
I loved every second of

I loved every second of this class! it was filled with humor and excitement. Trevor, Rene and Jordon are very good at what they do and I look forward to dropping by to say Hi!

Amanda Cochrane