Great course with great instructors. I truly felt as though you guys *want* us to be safe because you love biking, not because you\'re being paid to teach a course. The importance of every little thing that you guys teach is always brought out with an anecdote about your many years of experience, which makes solidifying those little habits all that much easier. It\'s also great how you guys go over the exercises - you\'ll hear it once, be confused, hear it again and kind of get it, see it, then have it explained one last time and have no question on how to do the exercise.

I came to the course a little nervous and thinking that I might be crazy for doing this. A lot of what you read, even in the training manual, talks of the dangers and fatalities in biking. After this course, I feel more confident to be able to be a safe rider, to recognize the patterns and actions that lead to dangerous situations, and to practice my skills in a way that will possibly some day save my life. This course has also made me a better car-driver... Amazing, guys... amazing.

Glen v


With zero experiance in motorcycle i enrol in the 3 days course.

The course is awsome and you should do the 3 full days courses. It is unbeleiveble you go from not knowing how to ride to feel confident in riding. Great feeling.

You guy's have a great school and amazing instructors. Trevor, Rene and Jordan were very helpfull from the first moment to the last while learning. They know what to tell you to keep making you go forward. Instructor know\'s how to entertain to maintain attention all the way. They take care of every student and make everyone feel welcome. I recommended this school for anyone taking there motorcycle class. Bravo to Trevor, Rene and Jordan. Thanks again for everything.

William S


I came into this with no riding experience. After the first day I had doubts about if I was capable of riding a motorcycle. Now after completing the course I felt confident in the skills that I have been taught knowing that I have improved an will continue to. I also liked their sense of humor during the course.

William S


Trevor, Rene and Jordan are great teachers. I started with no practical experience and wanted solid and proper foundations. Too Cool provided a safe environment and small class size that allowed for proper learning, building confidence and gaining a healthy respect for the joys and dangers of the sport. Too Cool is a bit more expensive than other motorcycle schools, but for good reason: They are excellent at what they do, and the value for the money is equally excellent.

As per all schools, it was impossible to master all the skills in a couple days, but Trevor et al. made that clear the first day and throughout. It takes experience, lots of practice and an accepting attitude to be able to master the skills. 

Wil W


the experiance i had with too cool was great. though the students had very little to connect us our common interest in motorcycling served to immediately bring the group together. This on top of the excellent instruction created an experiance that was as fun as it was educational. The new testing laws have to be sorted out, in my opinion that was the only hitch in the entire course. I was just today called by the driver testing school. It was him that instructed me to book my road test through the registry at the same time as buying the permit. In my opinion it would save students some confusion if this knowledge was shared at the end off the course. I understand that your methods are being modified right now, hopefully this will help you stream line the process.

Wesley S


Trevor, Mike and Collin; I just wanted to thank you all for an outstanding weekend. I thought the course was fantastic. I would highly recommend your course to any one wanting to ride a motorcycle. Your teaching techniques were excellent and I can't believe how much I learnt in one weekend. It was intense and a lot of fun. I appreciate how professional you all were. I am an adult educator and I was very impressed with your teaching skills, not to mention you riding experience. I really appreciate your efforts and hard work. Thanks again.

Wendy B


This course was an excellent experience. Who knew there was so much to learn about riding. Thanks for all the tips, tricks, encouragement and training.

Wayne H


Great instructors, great day! Thanks for the knowledge and practice that turned my 900 lb cruiser into a flickable sport bike by the end of the day. You guys get us tuned up on life-saving riding skills while making it a whole lot of fun. Well organized. Thanks to your team that made it a fantastic day!

Wally S


Outstanding! Loved it! Learned lots everyday. Would recommend highly! All 3 instructors are perfect for their roles.

Vincent V


I think you guys have chosen the perfect profession. Trever, Renee and Jordon have the amazing demeanors and patience to teach this sport. As intense as the course can be for newbie’s like me, I would recommend the course to everyone I talk too. I look forward to taking your advanced class in a couple of years and I promises to practice, practice, practice. Thank you too cool for recharging my smile and introducing me to flying without wings!

Vanessa V


none of the instructors seemed to have any doubts that i could actually do what they were suggesting. at the end of first course may 2009 and trevor talked about road ride i thought for sure he would come over after and tell me i was not ready. he didn't and i thought what kind of instructor would not know that i was not ready. not only did i go out on the road ride but i actually made it back in one piece my husband bought me a 2008 suzuki 650 and the course in may 2010 gave me enough confidence to actually go out and practice. i just passed my road test yesterday and have been having the time of my life THANKYOU so very much. see you at the bike show in january. i'll be signing up for the advanced course if you're still offering it ride safe and thanks again. the previous submission was an accident(you probably figured that out) :)

Valerie G


I had a blast. It was an AWESOME rollercoaster ride filled with fun and experience. I learned lots, gained more respect for the sport and saw the sport from a whole new perspective. 

This could me more of a hasle but if there were more pielons to direct the route so people wouldn't get lost. After the routine it got easier.

Vagelis D


Trevor, Rob, and Jordan

I had a great time attending your course, great job.

Tyson J


I have to say that this course has been one of the best experiences of my life. I can\'t believe I haven\'t done this sooner. Trevor, Rene and Jordan were exactly what I was hoping for, their level of skill, patience, and gerneral motorcyclist \'coolness\'. The trainning was very well thought out and followed a progresion that flowed well into each stage.

Seeing the trainners on the \'17th ave\' distraction and avoidance night was absolutely amazing. Trevor, Rene and Jordan handled their respective bikes like true pros and it really raised my already high level of respect for them. Through thier trainnig and examples they have given me great skills, confidance and most of all something to aspire to while I continue practicing and raising my skill level.

All in all this was exactly what I wanted out of a course that one the first night I was nervous due to my lack of riding experience. They have brought passion to the trainning and honestly, I can not say much other than;

Thank you guys so much. I will be sure to come ride with you all.

Tyler P


Trevor, Mike and Derek, Just wanted to say Thanks very very much for a great and awesome weekend. I must say that everyone who is even remotely interested in learning to ride a motorcycle should come out and spend a few days with you guys. I also want to Thank you for giving me the confidence and skill set to be able to do something that I was not sure I could accomplish. This weekend was a true pleasure. Take care.



I was skeptical about how well I would be able to learn how to ride a motorcycle. You guys instilled in me the confidence that I could do it. By the end of the coarse I had full confidence in myself and enjoyed every second of the coarse!

Troy B


I was impressed from the moment I called and spoke to Christine. She was so polite and helpful and very encouraging. I thought I would be bored during a 4.5 hour class on a Friday night. But Trevor and Rob kept the classroom session so entertaining that time flew by! My first night of on bike, I was nervous! I had never been on a bike! But, we started at a good pace, Trevor, Rob and Jordan made me feel comfortable. They class was a good size of 10 but each of use got personal treatment. I must admit, I got very frustrated on night two of the skills lesson. Those darn pylons where everywhere! (And I hit every one of them). Again all three instructors were patient and encouraging, and by the end of the night, I had that push steering down! (Well...almost! Practice, Practice, Practice, right Trevor!) I couldn't believe that day 4 came so fast! From day one, when we wobbled across an empty parking lot with no engine running, to zooming (of doing 40KM/h...but it felt fast!) around Stoney Trail! The feeling was incredible!
This school was more then I expected, no wonder it come so highly recommended from everyone I talked to before enrolling!

Trina F


An appreciated aspect of teaching the course instructors demonstrated was the straight up and to the point attitude in reference to quality riding, safety, and technique. Thank you!

Trevor M


Trevor, Rene, and Jordan all have an amazing energy that you can't help but get wrapped up in. They are so enthusiastic and passionate about what they teach. I appreciated how much they put in to the course. It made me feel like they were really investing in my riding career. Great group of guys, great course. Very enjoyable.

Tracy H


It was an pleasure and an honor to take a motorcyle course from 3 people that have an exuberant love and knowledge of the sport. Your professionalism and positive attitudes are unsurpassed. I can't thank you enough. This was something that I always wanted to do and at 44 I wish I would have have done it a whole lot sooner.

Tracey D


I had a fantastic week, even in the rain! Your class group size and student ratio was great and I loved the chance to try different styles of motorcycles. I thought the course was very professional, fun and informative. IT took no time at all to feel comfortable riding a motorcycle mainly because of the instruction! I would recommend Too Cool to anyone who wants to learn to ride!

Trace n


You take so much for granted driving a car! I really gained a new found appreciation for being on the road. I'm amazed at how much material we covered in such a short period of time. The method of instructions was laid out perfectly and the overall experience was fantastic! Thanks again! Control the weather better!!! Just kidding.. everything was done with a high degree of professionalism and fun! Keep up the good work!

Tommy Y


I've taken many seminars and courses for both work and fun. Trevor, Rob, Jordan and Rene showed true passion, concern and skill in teaching me how to ride properly. Too many times I've seen instructors who either project superiority and arrogance or are worn out and tired from years of doing the same thing. I did not even see a glimmer of that in Trevor or his team. I would buy these guys a beer anytime. I would highly recommend your team to anyone who has the open mind to learn how to ride a motorcycle properly. nThank you for letting me be a part of the Too Cool Motorcycle school experience. I will see you again.

Tom L


It was great, each instructor focused more on what was done well versus what was done poorly; there was a lot of patience for others who had never ridden before. I felt one of the best things was the feeling of friendship between everyone, each day was more fun than the last, just riding a bike seems very natural now, thanks!

Tom C


At my age I don't get too impressed easily. However I was blown away by the course,the individual instructors and their ability to take people with no motorcycle experience and give them the confidence and competancy to ride a bike safely on the road, within 18 hrs. The professional, friendly and positive approach of the three guys, Trevor, Renee and Jordan made this a thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile course and I thank you very much for the experience.

Tim W


This was the best experience possible. The guys were very supportive and super to work with. They also set a high standard of achievement which allowed you to grow your experience.

I would really like it if you could offer an annual refresher course. I would suggest that it could be about 4 hours (1 hour in class for safety awareness and 3 hours practice on the bike). This would offer a controlled low risk

Tim S


Had a great time! I've always been drawn to the sport bikes, yet my time on the Marauder was very valuable and surprisingly necessary. A fleet of nothing but Ninjas would be way cooler, but in the end I think I rode the Ninja better, especially at low speeds, because of my night on the Marauder. Not that I'm going over to the other side, but I learned a lot on the cruisers.

Thanks for EVERYTHING!

Tim R


I had a wonderful experience with all the instructors. Everyone was professional and really made an effort to make sure all the students were comfortable on a motorcycle. I have nothing but great reviews for this company, the skills portion was well run and complete. I came out of the class knowing that there is still a multitude of skills to learn but that I have the basic to make my riding career a safe experience. 
Thank you so much for the wonderful training.

Tiffany J


The basic skills course came highly recommended to me as I shopped around the city. The course not only met those lofty expectations, but actually exceeded them. I could not believe how quickly I learned to ride a motorcycle, but more importantly, how confident I became as a rider. The instructors were professional, considerate, and even funny! I know I'll be a better rider for having taken the course, and my insurance is even giving me a discount. You can't go wrong by taking this course.



Since the course in April I have spent many hours in practice sessions with other friends who are licensed riders and gained the experienced over the past months to take the final test. It was without doubt the most involved test I have ever taken and it took three attempts before passing (august 18th), each time looking back on what mistakes I made,correcting and learning all the time what it takes to be a good rider, the course taught me to listen to learn and to be aware of what was around you. Now that I am fully licensed I am still learning, my thanks go out to the whole team at the school. I had 8 people recommend TooCoolMotorCycleSchool and I would, and have, recommended them to new riders and established riders alike..... well done

Terry V


When I booked the course I thought I would finish and possibly get my licence. However I was not sure I could actually do it. I was wrong. Trever and the crew were so adept at their job I now know I'll get a bike and tour Canada and the States untill I can no longer pee over my shoes. But, much more than that, I met some incredible people. People I hope to meet again and develope a friendship with. The people were incredable, the experience was exceptional and my future has now change to a more exciting and enjoyable one. Thank you Too Cool.

Terry M


I didn't really know what to expect but the classroom time was really helpful in introducing the concepts first (without the distraction of being able to play with shiny bikes). The first day of on-bike was nerve-wracking at first but I was amazed by how comfortable I was on a bike by the end of the day. And I had no idea how physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted I was until I passed out before 9:30pm and didn't wake up until 7am! But at least I was refreshed for the next day - which, I couldn't believe, was even more fun than the first!

Teresa C


My husband, Kim, had been looking forward to getting on a street bike for years, and I am not one to be left behind. Too Cool came highly recommended and we were not disappointed.

We were so impressed with how Trevor, Rene and Jordan captivated our class. They taught us skills in such a way that calmed everyone without taking away from the seriousness of what we were learning. I went from never having touched a bike - what do you mean I have to use both hands and both feet at once? - to zipping along the highway in one weekend. Only patient and highly trained instructors could accomplish so much in so little time. 

We will practice and continue to learn, knowing we have great support in the Too Cool Motorcycle School team.

Thank you, gentlemen!


Tera a


From nearly paralyzed by the fear of leaving the parking lot (and riding a bike in Calgary)... and shaking like a leaf!! LOL... to being over the moon realizing that I can do it! I DID DO IT! I\'ve been laughing and giddy since making that realization! (and making it home!)
This course was the single most challenging experience I've ever had... coincidently, the outcome from seeing it through has had a tremendous, life changing effect. I can't wait for the snow to melt so I can jump on my bike with fresh confidence.

A very sincere THANK YOU!

Tara R


I Was very impressed, much better course than I expected and learned a lot more than expected as well. Thanks.

Tanner R


The enthusiasm and genuine love of motorcycling, combined with the knowledge and professionalism of Trevor, Rob and Jordan is outstanding!! Trevor made the training fun to learn by using his motorcycle stories or the instructors' acting out a scenario with Hot Wheels! However, when it came to serious safety issues, Trevor made sure we all walked away remembering the point. Trevor and his team care about every student that walks away from their course. I have walked away becoming a better driver. I am more aware of ALL my surroundings; and I know when I do get on the road with my own bike, I will make Trevor proud, especially because I have practiced my s l o w braking - pinkie finger first!!! Like Trevor said, if you don't ever ride a bike after taking the class - at least you walk away a better driver! More aware of everyone around you. Thank you - Thank you - Thank you

Tania B


Confidence in slow speed maneuvering.

Tammy H


"I just wanted to thank you for teaching me the proper way to ride a motorcycle. I'm sure that it has made me a better motorist (car and motorcycle) having just been exposed to the material you teach in class. I've officially passed the exam as of August 27th, 2004 (first try!!!). .... Thanks again for the excellent training...I'd recommend anyone who wants to learn about motorcycling to Too Cool."

Steven I


"I'd just like to thank you and the team for such an informative, helpful and enjoyable course."

Steve W


A great course run by super knowledgeable instructors who are passionate and professional about the sport. I felt very confident approaching each new skill due to the carefully paced instruction. Your combined sense of humour throughout the course (Doe! A Deer! A Female Deer!) kept smiles on our face throughout.

Trevor - appreciated your obvious concern for our safety and well being during the course and beyond. You know your stuff.

Jordan - you always had a non-motorcycle example for improvement that made sense (i.e. $10 of concentration and how to spend it).

Rob - you always remembered what I did right and wrong in the last pass even though 5 other riders went through before my next turn! Awesome.

See you in the advanced course next summer!

Steve P


You guys did an absolutely phenomenal job. Your presentation is extremely well honed and it was a pleasure to learn from you. The focus on aware riding and emphasis on appropriate road attitude was particularly appreciated. The clear message about what a road is for and what a racetrack is for is also very well taken. The skills taught here will not only help make me a better rider, but they will (and already have) make me a better driver as well. I very much enjoyed myself and the course was well worth the time and money, thanks again.

Steve B


One of the best weekends I can remember. fantastic instructors, fantastic group! you will be seeing me and I suspect I'll be back for advanced cornering before the year is out

Steve Barrow


To Mike, Trevor and Keith: You guys rock! Thanks for the instruction. It was a great week of learning and I had a pile of fun doing it. You guys worked your butts off to prepare us, not only so we could pass our class 6 exam, but to be better and safer riders out on the street. The high speed drills were fantastic and all of the skills in general have helped me become a better and safer driver as well as rider. I would recommend you to anyone and everyone that asks me. My wife is going to take your course this year too. Thanks again, and I?ll be back for the advanced school next year for sure!

Stephen B


I have taken many courses and different types of training in my life and I have to say that this motorcyle school was easily one of the best learning experiences I have ever had. The quality of the instruction was top notch, and the passion that Trevor and the team bring to what they do is both inspiring and very informative. I have always had a passion for motorcylces and have ridden a little bit in the past, but I must say that this course amplified my exitement about the sport 10 fold and definitely improved my skills and awareness of how to operate a motorcylce safely. Huge thanks Too Cool, I am extremely pleased that I took your course and will be rocommending that anyone I know who rides a motorcyle or wants to does the same!

Simon R


I liked the emphasis on safety throughout the entire course.

Simon D



Sheryl K


This was a great experience. You guys are awesome. It was extremely fun and educational. When I had doubts the instructors were there to provide helpful tips and provide some encouragement. Your attitudes are fabulous, defintely recharged my smile.

Sherri S


I believe too cool not only gave me the foundation for my future in riding but created an experience I will never forget. I feel that this school ( hands down ) is without a doubt #1 and will remain #1 for many years to come !

Shawn L


The practical experience and detail oriented focus of the course cannot be underestimated. This was thrill, education, and respect, all combined into a great four day experience. The presentation and humor kept the gruelling conditions and course content from being overwhelming. The amount of experience, passion, and knowledge that Trevor, Rene, and Jordan had was obvious and contagious. Thanks for making me passionate and comfortable about something that, from a very early age, was promised to me to be a suicidal activity. The monumental transition from learning how to use a clutch to riding around Calgary streets and freeways could not have been done in a more smooth, respectful, and patient manner. Well worth it, thanks again guys ( as a Cochranite, I especially loved the MacKay\'s Ice Cream coupon, a great touch).

Shaun C


You guys were great. You made me feel safe and comfortable. There were times I thought I was never going to get it but the encouragement and advice from you got me past that. I really liked the fact that you had different types of bikes to try as I was sure I wanted a cruiser when really the sport bike was a better fit. Also the test ride was awesome!!!!! I've seen the test ride for another school and it was pitiful compared to yours.

Shannon H


The Handbook was incredibly helpful and answered questions i never would've thought to ask. i make a point to regularly check back to it for reference or just plain review. Obviously words can only teach a new rider so much, however after hearing about what it's going to be like out on the road, and then experiencing it all first-hand, how all the information tied together has taught me so much and i feel much more prepared having taken that course. I could not imagine what kind of rider i would be had i not. Every new rider must do the basic training, i lose respect for the ones who don't.

Shane V


To the Sandman, Cold Tire and Too Cool Motorcycle School: Holy !! I have a dream. I want a motorcycle. After begging and pleading with the wife for 15 years, she finally said "OK.. get your darn bike!". Woohoo! But there was a condition... I had to learn how to drive it properly. So I talked to all the "Harley" riders here at work and asked if they knew where I should go to learn. Everyone I spoke to told me to go to this "Too Cool Motorcycle School". I thought, piece of cake. I drove fast cars. Heck, I see lots of motorcyclists on the road. How hard could this be? Then I showed up for day one, Saturday Oct 2, 2004. I was so excited I showed up way too early. I was like that little kid on Christmas morning. It was incredible. As everyone else began to show up, introductions were made and we began the course. Under short order, and a lot of skilled tutelage, I came to understand that a motorcycle is not a car. I learned you do not ride on a bike, or in a bike, but you become part of the bike. Morning came and went. I made some mistakes on the easy exercises. Both Trevor and Mike not only showed me what I did, but how to make it better. I was listening but not really hearing. Then the afternoon came and it was time to do some more advanced techniques on the bike. I was not so successful. Truthfully I was terrible. I was frustrated, angry with myself for not being better; not being perfect. They have this nasty torturous circle of pain you have to drive around, and this terrible slalom turn around thing of doom. I could not make it to save my bacon. Then they tell me it?s on the "Test". I was giving up. Thankfully the instructors did not give up on me. And neither did the rest of my classmates. Their encouragement, and patience with me was awesome. With a whole lot more humility, I began day 2. But it was different, it all started to click. Look where you want to go, smooth your motions, keep your knees in, breathe, relax... That was the hardest part. Relaxing. Almost too quickly the day was done. We got our pictures taken, and we were asked if we wanted to test for our license. I agreed, but did not think I would pass. I was so nervous I messed up my 'straight' line ride twice in a row. When I completed it, I was sent to the next exercise. I parked the bike, and that's when I saw Mike standing off to the side focusing on the person trying to complete the test. Hands clenched trying with willpower to help the students complete the test. When they did complete, he cheered for them. I understood at that point these guys care. Our success to them is important. I took many deep breaths and went over everything they told me again. It worked. Because of them I passed and am that much closer to my dream. I will be recommending this school to anyone who wants to start learning how to properly ride a motorcycle. Guys, thanks so very much.

Shane G


As I had some previous experiance I thought about cancelling the course due to some scheduling difficulies and going straight for the licence. I can be a little impatient at times. I ended up taking the course and am gratefull for the experiance. It was good to review all the basics, EMERGENCY STOPPING and the COUNTER STEERING exercises will be a bennifit down the road. These are skills i will make all my riding partners practice before a road trip, just to see how comfortable they are with these must have abilities. The last comment was on the street ride, i had forgotten how involved and focused you have to be when riding with traffic, i now feel that I can now take the road test with much more confidence.

The variety of bikes avaialble was a great plus as well.

I will be back to visit.

Once again, Thanks for the great experiance.

Shane E


Trevor, Rob and Jordan are excellent at what they do. I know that the quality of instruction that I received is unmatched by that offered anywhere else. You don't often find people who practice what they preach, but these guys don't just tell you how to be safe on a motorcycle, they actually use all of their tips everyday when they ride. Keep doing what you're doing and thank you for the great eye opening experience. A little more clarity at the end of the course, as to how you book the road test and get your licence.

Sean S


Very good course guys! Proffesional and very instructive. Had a great time and I will refer this course just as someone referred me! I learned a lot and I know it is never ended learning in this sport! Cheers, It would have been nice to get our road test right after but I know y'all are working on it.

Sean H


This was the most in-depth course I have taken so far. The instructors were both extremely detailed in their instructions and very understanding to each persons learning speed. This combination of expert instruction and comedic humour made the experiance of Too Cool Motorcyle School a memory I am not likely to forget! Thanks guys! (Also a big thanks to Christine in Administration!!!)

Sean B


There is so much I want to say and yet I can not find the words to express just how much I enjoyed my experience with Trevor,Rene and Jordan. The professionalism for these gentlemen is something I have not experienced in some time.

The knowledge they impart well making it easy to grasp made the whole learing experience that much easier.

Having never ridden before on a street bike and having not been on a dirt bike in 25 plus years i will admit I found the thought of learning a little daunting (Old dog, New tricks!)

I feel like I have made so many new friends from this course and will forever be great full for Too Cool providing me with such a great life changing experience.

I will speak the praises of this organization to all who will listen and well to those who got to know me in those two days even those that wont.

Trevor I touch on it a little at the end of course on Sunday with the three of you. Please know that the friendship and the tightness you all share is a great gift that very few in this world will ever truly know. To be able to do what you love and to do it with those you trust and care about is the best way to enjoy a true calling.

Thank you so much for allowing me to be apart of what I believe is a great sport and lifestyle and if the people I meet well riding are anything like the three of you I will be forever happy.

Scott W


really lively experience all around, it was a good time both on and off the bike. I'm impressed with the effort from all the instructors. heated vests for the class? okay naybe not, but the only think i can think of is there was a big difference from riding in a group to riding with only one person,; or alone. i dont know if you would be able to work that into your course just due to the instructor rider ratio.

Scott D


Just wanted to say a huge thank you

Sandee K


I had a great time learning to ride a motorcycle with the help of Trevor, Jordan and Rene. It was worth every penny! Thanks Guys!! I had initially only wanted to take the course to say I knew how to ride a motorcylce...I'm looking at buying one now... :)

Samantha J


Thanks for the great course, it really boosted my self-confidence on a bike. You guys were very good presenters and explained things very well.

Sam L



Sam G


lOVE the extra, cleanx, water, anti backtury soap
Love you have gear to try out
like the joke and eady going attide of staff
love the heated grips



"...again I would like to thank you for the excellent course that you offer. I feel much safer and more confident on the road."



Just wanted to say thank you for such an excellently delivered course. It was the right blend of professionalism and enjoyment.

Keep up the great work

Ryan W


Confidence & comfort on the bike

Ryan M


"Thank you again for all the great instruction and guidance throughout the Motorcycle Course!"

Ryan K


Excellent well run course. Took it step-by-step easing into the riding experience. Reiterated shoulder checks, safe rider rules. Made me more aware of being a better car driver.

Rosalind R


Trevor, Rene, and Jordan are excellent teachers. You could tell they knew what they were talking about and love what they do. They helped build confidence between me and the bike and helped me to learn to trust the bike.



I would like to thank everyone at Too cool (behind the scenes and up front) for the chance to meet new people and enjoy the start of what I hope will be a lifetime of sweet rides....

The atmosphere was professional but fun, I learned more than I could have hoped to in such a short time and it is because of the passion of the too cool staff living their dreams.... thanks for sharing

Ron S


The hands on coaching you guys implement - positive re-inforcing techniques are excellent

Ron M


Greatly organized and professionally presented by the friendliest and caring group of instructors.
Presentation should be a model for other learning and training programs.
Passed the road test on November 3 with not much of a problem thanks to the training I received.

Ron M (2)


Since i was a kid growing up, my one dream was to ride a motocycle. Finding out about too cool motorcycle school allowed me to live my dream, gain the skill and knowledge i required to actually ride a motorcyle. It has to be one of the most memorable and exciting experiences i have endured and will cherish for the rest of my life. The instructors are great and teach every skill into depth, preparing us for emergency situations involved in everyday life. The instructors do care alot about the students and go the extra mile, to teach us as much of their knowledge and experience on riding motorcycles in such a short period. I have to say my experience in learing to ride a motorcycle did not go in vain, as i learned sometimes you have to 'burn' to learn and so i did on one of my sessions. Have to say it just made me more cautious and taught me a valuable lesson about the rider being in control of the motorcycle and not the other way around. Instead of giving up, i was just more determined to push myself to the limit if that is what it was going to take. Thank you so much Trevor, Jordan and Rob. I will definitely be taking advanced courses to gain as much experience and knowledge from you guys that i know will benefit me in the present and near future.

Both the class and training session are already improved enough for a basic training school.

Roger C


Fantastic experience. My only riding experience prior to the course was the occasional scooter ride. I've always wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle, and this year I committed to learning. I left the course comfortable with how to properly operate a bike, even though it will take a lot more practice for it to feel more natural. More importantly, I left with a real appreciation the smart decisions and observation skills that a GOOD rider (and driver for that matter!) needs to have a comfortable ride and return home safely.

Trevor, Jordan and Rene were EXCELLENT teachers (patient, knowledgable, and attentive). The course was the most organized learning experience I've ever had, even compared to university classes and work-related training I've taken. That is not an exaggeration. You anticipated all of the initial difficulties and helped us through them. The pace of the course was fantastic. It's amazing that after 3 days that I could hop on a bike and know how to ride safely!!!

Thanks guys for giving me the building blocks for enjoying this awesome sport!! I know there is a lot of practice ahead of me, but I know that I've been shown the tools to work through it and get better. I can't wait to get out on those long country roads once again!

Roberto V


To Trevor, Renee and Jordan- thank you for an unforgetable experience. It really makes the difference taking instruction from people who not only live to ride but also love to show others how to do it- even those who have never been in the saddle! Your teaching methods inspired my total trust in you and at no time did I ever feel like I couldn't do what was asked of me. You were always enthusiastic, up-beat and good humoured, but with a dose of reality that kept us all honest and mindful of what we were all getting ourselves into! Once again, thank you for re-charging my smile!

Robert L


This course exceeded my expectations and the instructors were very professional, skilled and passionate about Teaching. There is a ton of riding time and practicing the various skills. The student to instructor ratio was amazing and gave everyone lots of positive reinforcement and guidance to improve. The course progression is also well thought out as your confidence builds by the hour. Most of all you gain a real respect for motorcycles and the hazards associated with driving them. After the course you have the basic skills as a foundation to improve on the rest of your riding life. Well Done. Thanks. I think the manual is well done with a lot of exceptional information. Would recommend a few more illustrations along with the reading material for more explanation and to break it up more to make it more of an easy read.

Robert F


I felt the the experience was well structured, well planned and well presented. Rob, Trevor and Jordon bring three diverse aspects to the demonstrations, when combined they fit very well together. They help each other in a well practiced routine. Their patience with the group was most commendable.

Rob S


You could not have trained with a better trio of instructors. Many thanks to Trevor, Jordan and Rene.

Rob L


All the instructors were very knowledgeable and very patient. They took the time to actually talk with me about the questions that i had or tips rather than just telling me. 
thanks guys. 

i did find it hard throughout to hear what they were saying while giving instructions while walking or turning their heads. i dont know what you can do about that with all of us wearing the helments. but good job guys. 

Rob I


I took the refresher course and it had good specific advice and practice . Taught very well with lots of fun. Very clear instructions and explanations so I understood the why as well as the how.

Rick E


The basic course was amazing it gave me a nice foundation I needed to know about motorcycles. I can see why a motorcycle can be dangerous but if you scan, follow the law, think and act the proper way you should be safe. I know there is a lot more to learn and I see why you guys encourage us to practice all the time in a close course or a parking lot because your life depends on it and to me that is important. 

I had the greatest time ever in your guys basic course keep up the awesome work and wished the classes were longer and could learn more. Thanks for the experience and memories! I do not want to see a pilon for awhile.... TOO COOL!

There is nothing I could say at this section since you guys did a well done job. I guess all I can say is keep doing what you are doing!

Reynaldo R


It was a pure pleasure to spend time with motorcycle people of this caliber.

Reg S


Too Cool provided excellent teachers who not only taught just how to ride a motorcycle. Yet the most beneficial part to the course was the challenge to learn what one doesn't know. The instructors really push the students to not give up during the process and their pointers on how to ride better is highly effective.

The assorted types of bikes allow the rider to ride bikes one might never thought of and end up liking it. I passed my license right after and the whole process was smooth sailing.

Thank you too cool Motorschool!

Raymond H


I am so thankfull that I heard about Too Cool Motorcycle School and took this course before getting back into biking! Looking forward to taking advanced training with you. Purchased a 2005 Yamaha FJR1300 Thursday. Love it! Already put on 500+ kms and I'm trying to practise everything I was taught at Too Cool. Taking your course was probably the best investment of time and money that I've ever made.

Randy P


Thanks to Trevor & staff for one awesome course!

Randy H


Awesome, teaching style and progression of the course I feel is second to none. This school really cares about their students and have a passion for sharing knowledge and skills that are essential to any level of rider. 

Trever, Rob, & Jordon are exceptionally patient and superb instructors that are dedicated to teaching proper skills and behaviors in all areas of riding, while keeping the course upbeat with positive feedback to enforce confidence. It was an absolute blast, tons of fun.

With the different styles of bikes to choose from it is a great way to determine what type suits you while you learn. I thought I wanted a cruiser, turns out I'll be buying a sport-tourer.

I recommend and have recommeded this school to anyone who wants to learn from what I consider, the best instructors in their field. I will be back for more courses.

WAY TO GO - A+++

Randy E


It was probably the best thing that I've done and i will never regret choosing you guys as the school i went too! AMAZING staff, and so genuinely nice and polite and always willing to help regardless of their situation

Rachelle C


"I am writing to express my appreciation to you and, in particular, Mr. Mike Kaufmann who was my instructor for the weekend of April 10 and 11. I am pleased to have gained my class 6 operator's license under the outstanding instruction of Mr. Kaufmann. I found working with Mr. Kaufmann a pleasure. He is an enthusiastic teacher who handled himself in a confident, professional manner and presented his lessons at a pace that allowed each student to be successful regardless of their ability or experience level. He arrived early each day, prepared the lot and motorcycles for the students' use, and encouraged me to be the best and safest rider I could be. Mr. Kaufmann promotes and models a safe and respectful learning environment where students are encouraged to ask questions and to learn through practical experience. He strives to give clear directions and expectations for each activity and follows up in a manner that lets each student know they have made progress, even in the attempt. I want to commend Mr. Kaufmann for his excellence in teaching and promoting safe, responsible riding. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with him, as have others (by their testament and their frequent informal visits to say hello), and would highly recommend others to seek out Mr. Kaufmann if they wish to pursue their class 6 operators license."



"I want to thank you for the wonderful experience I had at the motorcycle program. Your knowledge of motorbikes is impressive. You have informed us on many aspects including: technique, mechanics, maintenance, and safety. I appreciate your explanations because they de-mystify motorcycles and are given in plain english and easy to understand. Your patience is a virtue. I understand in the summer your days are long, and yet, you still take time to answer questions no matter how trivial they may be......a mark of a fine instructor. Thank you for introducing me to the 'world' of motorcycling, and for your encouragement."

Pui M


Trevor is an awesome instructor and full of energy. He knows how to communicate and respond to all of his students. Rob and Jordan are definately awesome instructors too. I learned alot thanks! Hire more Trevors.

Philong T


This group of individuals are amazing. they\' re patience, professionalism and sense of humour was amazing. as a new rider they help you with becoming a more confident and aware rider. Thank you christine, trevor, renee and jordan. for now i only to strive to become a better rider.

Phillip G


Guys you really care, great course. Thanks

Peter O


"You guys are like Yoda!"

Peter M


your patience/confidence that I felt from each one of you that I could do this. I will be giving your name to anyone who asks where I took the course!!!! 2 thumbs up to you guys!!!!

Penny S


It was awesome, from start to finish !!!

Paula E


"Mike/Trevor I would like to thank you both for the course. It was really informative and I learned a lot about bikes that I never would have without taking the course. I enjoyed how you kept humour in the class but also brought out the serious sides of riding that people really need to hear. You both deserve a pat on the back for the great work and I have already referred a few of my friends to come take the course, well worth the money. Thank you both."

Paul R


I've had my class six (motorcycle license) for about 35 years but have never taken a course. After a decade of being a non rider, I thought it might be a good idea to actually take some formal training. Boy was that the right thing to do. These guys sure know motorcycles and motorcycle safety. The knowledge they shared was priceless. 

All feedback from instructors was very positive and helpful. For example, I was using three fingers for braking and didn't even realize it. Learning this alone was worth more than the price. 

The course was priceless. I plan to spend a lot of time practicing what I learned and plan to return for more training from Too Cool Motorcycle School.

Paul G


The advanced course was great value, great fun and a great learning experience. Trever and the team are true motorcycle enthusiasts who are committed to ensuring that motorcycling is a safe and enjoyable sport.

Paul G (2)


I had never been on a motorcycle before and was riding confidently on the road in three days. That is incredible! And it is also a credit to the course and instructors. I think the course is very good the way it is. Challlenging individuals to overcome their fear. The course gave me an excellent base to build on, and I am confident I could safely ride any bike after a few minutes of slow speed getting used to it. One thing,...the reason/excuse I was having trouble countersteering the first day was the saddle on the cruiser I was riding. It was flat, and that made it more difficult for me to slide and lean. Next day on a cycle with a rounder saddle it was easy. My next time on a flat saddle cruiser, I knew to slide forward on the saddle,(to the rounder part), to countersteer more effectively. Little thing. Big difference.

Pat Q


"I want to thank you for your part in making the riding course a very positive experience for me, and I want to tell you what worked well for me. Knowing the commitment that you have to learning, and to making the course effective, I thought this might be helpful. The first is the respect with which you treated the students. I shopped around for a school for a couple of summers, observing instruction in progress. The first couple of schools I saw scared me right off. Classes were large and instructors spoke (or yelled) with an edge of impatience in their voices. I have always been a nervous driver and I knew that I needed a patient instructor. Another thing that worked for me was the small classes and slow pace at which things were introduced. For me, nothing was over-explained. Everything was broken down into such small steps, and explained, demonstrated and experienced, that I felt you prepared me to do what I did. Between the respectful treatment and the detailed instruction, an atmosphere that was safe both emotionally and physically was created. I think that is a tall order to fill and I think that you are wise for paying attention to such things. ...and you were so approachable that I felt safe coming to you with any concern or question. I never felt stupid. (What you taught) gave me a real sense of control over the bike. My husband tried to teach me to ride two summers ago, and I could never get myself to shift into second. I was terrified of the speed and the power of the machine. There seemed to be nothing but throttle and brake to help me control the bike. Creating that tension between brake and throttle did wonders for me. I was amazed at the slow speeds at which a bike stays up, turns, responds to my commands. My goal in taking this course was to lose my intimidation of bikes; to gain a sense of mastery over the machine, to gain enough confidence that I would give myself a chance at riding. That goal was accomplished Thank you very much for your help in that. Thank you for being a part of my motorcycle odyssey. If you ever decide to start your own business (ed. - THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT WE'VE DONE!), be sure to identify somehow that it is you. I will be sending people your way."



Can't say enough you guys are the best and definetly recomendable

Orhan M


Thanks again guys, After three days of training I never left your course being an excellent rider but I sure now know what to do in all aspects of riding to hopefully become an excellent rider over the years. I wont forget the experience, your course provided a relaxed and humourous start along with an excellent foundation to introduce me into the world of biking. Thanks for your time. Good luck with all your future courses. I hope they enjoy it as much as I did.

Norrie T


Trevor, Rob and Jordan all gave support and helpful praise, no matter how badly you felt that you were doing. This gave you the confidence to push it a little further until you could carry out a task well. The road ride was without doubt the highlight of the week. To see a group go from being pushed up and down the lot, to riding on the road, at night, in traffic was amazing - I,m still smiling!

Many thanks to them all.

Nigel F


having three instructors was perfect in many ways. the most beneficial to me was three different explanations for the same scenario. the size of the group was also perfect.

Nicola M


Great presentation, friendly and really made me feel welcome and part of the local motorcycle community. Just need to explain the tire pressure thing (- 5psi) a bit more clearly, as I am still unsure of the reference point; the manual or the tire, if the tire it doesnt seem to make sense.

Nic D


I have to say taking the course with Too Cool Motorcycle School was an amazing experience. From the registration to the in parking lot training the entire experience was a pleasent one. Trevor and his instructors where very care driven and informative with the course. Whenever possible they excelled in providing one on one time with the students. My confidence level has greatly improved while being on my motorcycle. I would highly recommend new students in venturing a course with Too Cool Motorcycle School. So much so that I\'m going to take the advance course in the near future.

Nelson D


Almost any who rides a motorcycle could teach another person the basic operation of a bike, it take's a special individual to have the knowledge, patience and understanding to teach someone to become a good rider. Each one of you at toocool have this gift, not only are you great riders your selves, but you understand where our mistakes are and how to fix them and you always have something positive to say even on our biggest learning mistakes and just know how to teach others. All the small hints and tips go a long way, not just ones that relate to safe riding, but others such as the eye focus training exercises and morning stretches, bike and gear security, the list just goes on. The fact that you guys go to some of the top racing school in the world and bring that information back to us beginners is the one of the many things I will tell others when I suggest your course to them. You guys care about each and every individual that comes through your doors and it shows. Thanks for the experience of a life time and introducing me the best way possible into a passion I will continue with until I am in able condition to ride. See you guys at the advance course in the near future.

Navneet S


great instructors, very patient and understanding. Enthusiastic about what they are teaching and what they do as well.

Nathaniel T


I can't thank Trevor, Rene, and Jordan enough for being patient and never giving up on me! I can finally ride a motorcycle and i honestly this is truly the best gift that each instructor gives to every batch of new riders! Thank you so much again.

Nakita D


When I mentioned I wanted to buy an 800cc motorcycle my instructors made sure that they put me on a bigger bike (Ninja) to make sure I would be able to handle the weight. Not only did this give me the confidence about buying the bigger bike but also a different view on Ninjas. I always thought of them as race bikes and looking uncomfortable when in fact you can ride it with respect for the power and it was more enjoyable and comfortable to ride then I would\'ve ever thought. The experience was unforgettable.
Thank you for having so much patience with me as a never before rider of motorcycles.
Also, thanks to Trev, Jordan and Renee for all their advice. I didn\'t buy the 800 but I am picking up a 2008 Suzuki Boulevard 650 (Savage) in Cherry Red with only 78kms on it and not a scratch.
You will be seeing me again in the future. After all as soon as I get my road license I will bring the bike by for you to look at :-)

Muriel A


All three of you were effective communicators. Each of you possessed unique methods of communicating. All methods of communication complemented each other. The short, choreographed monologues often cut through a lot of anxious tension within the group; well done. The team's riding skills, enthusiasm and sincerity enshrouded the entire event.

Monty M


WOW - what can I say - it was FANTASTIC. I had NEVER even turned on a bike before Monday night and I left Thursday night with a great appreciation for safety and a love for the sport. 

Trevor, Rene and Jordan are professional, caring, thoughtful and appropriate with their feedback. Their commitment to the sport and to our success is evident. Customer service is just as visible as riding skills - they know everyone\'s name (and use them) from the first handshake.

I feel privileged to be part of the Too Cool family.

Moira F


This was a great experience in so many ways. The individual attention that Jordan, Rob, and Trevor gave each student ensured that we all understood the techniques that will make us better and safer riders. Rob and Jordan were very patient with all of us and made sure that we understood the concepts and techniques even if that meant repeating them again and again and again. Not only did they facilitate a good learning environment but it was a fun one as well. I’m glad I chose TCMS and hope the friendships I’ve made last the rest of our lives.

Mohammed B


The instruction is extremely clear and easy to understand. I can't even explain how exciting it was to perform the maneuvers asked of us with relative ease. I had no prior experience, and I left Too Cool with confidence on the bike and on the road. And most importantly it was fun. Get some sleep! Those guys work too hard.

Mitch H


Instructors were knowlegeable and focused on ensuring the students had the skills to ride safely. There was appropriate amount of on bike practice time. I learned new skills and enjoyed the psoitive experience. It was definitely worth the cost and would recommend the course to others

Mike S


Your team was exceptional in the Refresher Training. Your instructors are not only knowledgeable and professional but also very patient and courteous, nothing short of awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed the training and will be back for additional practice sessions. Thanks for your personal attention and encouragement. I found the whole experience challenging, and yet very informative and helpful.

Mike B


I would like to say thank you to all the staff for all of your patience and providing me with a great experience. I now know that this is something very possible for me to do.

Michelle M


Being that i had no previous riding experience and was also a passenger on a bike that was involved in a serious accident, I was EXTREMELY nervous to get on a bike but it was something I always wanted to do. All my friends were insitant that i go to Too Cool and i am so glad that i did! Trevor, Rene and Terrance were AMAZING! They were very encouragning and patient. I learned so much that weekend and will continue to recommend Too Cool to anyone who is looking at getting a bike or those who are looking to brush up on their skills!!

Michelle G


I had never ridden a bike before, so starting really slow and going through all the steps. Increased my confidence, and being told that you aren't going to be perfect the first time helped. The friendly nature of the instructors helped a ton, and then even though I was nervous about the group ride, it ended up being awesome.

Michal K


It was a great cofidence booster. No matter how many times you messed up there was always an instructor to help you correct your faults. I gained great experience and an understanding of motorcycles. Not just how to ride them but to respect them as well.

Michael M


I liked the basic course a lot, because it starts from zero. You teach step by step without harrying up, this is really important for beginners. We can understand the different steps to start and control the motorbike.

The final day with the group road class, helps us to take the fear of going in a road. I guess that all the people who were in the course enjoy it.

From my point of view beginners like me needs to take more training before going alone in the road. We can pass the road test to have the license, but a good training is important, and we need to keep practice until feel at one with our bike

Marta V


It's incredible how fast the instructers manage to learn the students names.

I liked the fact that the instructers took turns teaching and talking to the students.

The stories that were told relative to the learning topic of the day, made it really easy to comprehend the task at hand.

It would be pretty hard to improve!

Matthew E


The course was excellent. After the road ride was actually the most unpleasant part of the week as I knew that I had to get off the motorcycle and return to driving some four wheeled cage.

Mason H


It is no secret that you offer a one of a kind course that offers a unique experience and a fantastic foundation to the sport of riding. Trever, Rob and Jordan show an unbelievable passion for the sport and that spreads to all the students in the class. From the beginning you talk about the family atmosphere that this class offers and you couldn't be closer to the truth. The final road ride was a prime example of this; by the end we all were working together to move into leadership positions or switch lane positions like we had been doing it forever! I am confident that once I have a few years of riding experience under my belt I will be back for more!

The one aspect that I missed from the class would be learning when to shift. Before the road ride I knew when I had to shit from 1st to 2nd but anything other than that was just at the various markers in the parking lot. 

I found that on the road ride I was up into 4th and 5th gear several times and I was pretty sure that was not what gear I should have been in. Now this may have been covered in the classroom session but if not it might have been nice to mention something along those lines.

Mason B


It was awesome! The 2 days training were by far better than my expectation. The weather added icing on the cake! and the group of trainers and students was perfect. One can't ask for more. I believe this was the best foundation to start a safe and enjoyable biking experience. Two days fully loaded with Techniques and On/Bike training can be overwhelming but the fun learning methodology used by such passionate and experienced trainers was just great.

I got to try different types of Bikes, learn some cool stuff and feel part of a big biking family. I recommend it to every person before starting to ride.

Marwan A


Thank you so much for the wonderful experience. Trevor, Jordan, Rob and Terrence are fantastic helpful instructors. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to try motorcycling.

Marquise B


Thanks for all the great training, experiences and friendships!

Marquise B (2)


I have taken many, many courses in my life. The Basic Course I took last week was one of the best courses (if not the best) I have ever taken. It is apparent how much thought and effort has been put into every detail. I would describe the course as informative, fun, organized and thoroughly professional. I will recommend you guys to everyone who listens. Keep up the great work.

Martin R


The slow speed training and exercises seemed a bit repetitive at first, but made so much sense once we got out on the road. The adage that practice makes perfect fits this course to a tee. I equate the experience similar to training your body with muscle memory. The patience the instructors had for me on what were likely simple tasks was appreciated.

Mark P


TREVOR,ROB,JORDAN Thanks guys for everything you have taught me, thanks for being patient with me. I know i'll have all your voices embebded in my head to keep my chin up, shoulder check your surrondings when fully stopped,and to chin check before any launch. I walked into this course not knowing a thing about operating a motor bike and walk out with skills knowlegedege respect and confidence. Your bikes were awsome too. The amount of selections you you guys have, really makes a new rider curious to try everything. Im happy chose the gs500 for the roadride!! Overall ONE HAIL OF AN EXPERIENCE!!:)

Mark N


"Thanks for giving me the knowledge to ride with confidence."

Mark K


It was a blast. A great way to learn and respect mootorcycles.
Having the instructors right there helping (catching) you do it the right way. Showing it done the proper way and getting you to repeat it that way. So many of the little points that were drilled in us came back to me on my road test. Thanks

Mark H


I had a great time at the course, the road ride was a must and the highlight of the two days. Thanks to Trevor, Rene and Jordan for the constant encouragement. When I am ready to take it to the next level I will be back.

Mark H (2)


The course provided me with better insight into the fundamentals of riding I learned things I didnt know that I didnt know.

This level of learning will assist me when demonstrating to my new clients the base components to safe and enjoyable riding.

Thanks for the experience.

Continue to push yourselves and that will come across in your students.

Mark F


I was always nervous of a panic stop situation. I initially learned to ride on dirt bikes many many years ago and had a history of wiping out when having to use the brakes a alot. The exercises for braking were excellent, especially if I did fall down it wasn't on MY bike but yours. Schedule better weather, surely you have some influence over the environment?

Marj B


It was one of the best experience of my life. You guys are very very good instructors, Bravo!

we were 10 in the group but, I felt like each and one of the instructors was there with me, like I was the only one there. 

The situations that you guys make us go thru are perfect, we are prepared to go on the road now.

Thx again! 

Marie-Lou V


My first contact with your office was a very kind person named Christine. She was very nice and informative. There was no question that I would be showing up at the right places at the right time!

Marian D


I just wanted to say that this course was amazing; Trevor, Rob and Jordan were some of the most excellent instructors I have ever seen and it all came together to make this course a ton of fun! I feel like my confidence level and belief that I can do this and do it right have sky rocketed after this weekend. Every biker or wanna-be biker should take this course as I thought I knew about 20% of what I needed to know when I came to the course and realized at the course that I probably knew about 5%.

Maria K


Really impressed by the focus on safety and respecting the danger of riding. Following the course, I feel confident that I will be a safe rider and a with time, a good rider. I will recommend your school to anyone thinking of learning to ride a bike. I was very impressed with the instructors. They treated every student with respect and it was evident that they had a high level of knowledge and experience.

Marco L


This was seriously an incredible course you guys... not only about riding a bike - but just road conciousness in general. I found it unbelievable that when I first was on the bike Saturday my leg was shaking a little with nervousness - and then by Sunday feeling confident enough that I want to take my road test and get my license and add to my skills. The use of humour and real life stories will always be remembered. (Oh - and patience too!!)

Marc M


the enstructors are nothing less than amazing with people and the amount of attention and observation they put into there traing makes you feel like you the only one there focused on.



"Had an unreal time, sooo much fun and learned a crazy amount of valuable things!!! Thanks Trev, Rene, Jorden. Improve = Keep doing what your doing!!!"

Matt D


"Thanks for all your help and understanding."



Thank you. Your interest in each of our group was unrelenting and good natured despite the long, late hours. Thank you for being happy, delighted in any improvement....I mean ANY improvement; the course was such a positive experience for me. The final ride was reward in itself; not sure if I will pass tomorrow, but I have a plan!!! I will keep riding because of the love and the brotherhood that was shown to me this week. Thanks, guys.

Keep Rob happy - he's the best!

Louise F


This is without a doubt the best motorcycle instruction school. I never felt that I was treated any different than anyone else although I was definitely the oldest student. 
All the guys have great patience with the students; never losing their cool when giant mistakes are made. They just encourage you to do the your best and try try again.

Because of their confidence in you and building that confidence that you will succeed; you do succeed. 

Thank you for a very excellent training program. Every time when I am out riding I hear all \"3\" Too Cool voices in my head making sure I do the proper maneuver; be it changing gears, leaning into the corner, turning on gravel road; stopping properly etc.

I will definitely recommend Too Cool Motorcycle School to any one who wants to learn to ride or wants to improve their riding skills.

Lorraine R


This was the most positive learning experience I have ever had! Trevor, Rene, and Jordan are great teachers; they are extremely knowledgeable and patient!! Their incredible skill base and experience are freely shared with students, and everything is presented in such a positive, fun and encouraging environment...You can\'t help but be infected by their enthusiasm! I left the course every night with a huge smile on my face and a feeling of real accomplishment, and I just couldn\'t wait to get back again the next night! I came to this course with only the desire to ride, and thanks to these guys, I left with the skills and knowledge to turn my dream into reality!

Lori J


This was a great introduction to motorcycle riding, both for riding techniques and motorcycle general maintenance. The first day on the cycles was challenging but when we returned for the second day I was eager to complete the drills and go on the road. The road trip was terrific - great views and lots of support from the TCMS team. On both days, I was overwhelmed with the team's patience with all the riders. Thanks Trevor, Rob and Jordan for making this a great experience for me. Explain about taping down the gears (that it is a stepped apprach and will only step down one gear at a time) when coming to a stop. I didn't really get that at first. Remind novices, especially on day 1, not to talk with their hands when the bike is on but not moving (thereby releasing the clutch and inadvertantly putting the bike in gear). I'm really sorry I dropped the bike when I did that! I would have liked a few days between the lecture and the on-bike session so I could read the manual before hand.

Linda H


Trevor, Rob and Jordan... thank you so much for everything!! The course is awesome! I remember my first day walking up to all the bikes and thinking I wasn't sure if I could do it. I had a hard time even signing my name I was shaking so much. I learned to trust you guys very quickly. The small class size makes it easy and fun to learn.
Thank you for making it safer, easier and more fun to ride!!!

Leslie N


I absolutely LOVED you guys! You made this experience for me one that I will never forget. I tend to believe that first experiences are so crucial for how you view something and I will love this new sport for a very long time to come. As coaches,I loved your passion for this sport and I absolutely loved your style of teaching. I found it very helpful when you told me what I was doing wrong, but at the same time you told me what I was doing right. That just made me want to try just that much harder. The trust I felt with you guys allowed me to \"believe\" in myself and showed me that I could do it and not fall over. I am so proud to have taken the \"lean of faith\" and the \"push of faith\" with you all. Thank you for believing in me and all your wonderful words of encouragement. When I get some more practice and confidence under my belt, I will take my test and come by to thank you all once again.


Leslie C


"Your positive encouragement and positive reinforcement goes a long way for us 'cautions' types! Thanks for the great instruction."

Leo Marty Keith


Just a quick note to say a HUGE thanks to Trevor, Rene, and Jordan for your amazing training, support, encouragement and feedback. I took my road test yesterday, as you saw, and passed...YEAH! The work you all do is fantastic and I'm truly glad I took the training from you.

Len H


This was one of the most enjoyable and challenging experiences I've had and learning anything new that stretches me out of my comfort zones is what I need. This course certainly did that in many ways. In my 50 years this will certainly be one of those experiences that makes the top 2 or 3.

The training is done in a very safe and supportive environment and I believe EVERYONE who even considers riding should come to this training.

Len H


I'm not one for letter writing, but I just have to write this one. I now believe that an old dog can be taught new tricks. I enrolled for training because my UK motorcycle licence was not acceptable here (Although my car license was). I'd like to think I would have also enrolled if it were acceptable, as I have not ridden a motorcycle for well over 25 years. Trevor and his team don’t just teach you to pass a test, they teach you to think, assess and stay safe and strangely enough passing the test just seems to drop into place. Some parts I can’t even say "Oh yes I remember" truth is I had never known. I am so glad I found Trevor's number on my Google search. I can say with certainty that some time in the future I will return to do the advanced course. Another big plus is the fact that learning with Trevor and his team is also entertaining and enjoyable, although disciplined, but lets be honest that’s what will help keep you safe "Self Discipline" To Cool Motorcycle School Thank you very much.



I thought the most important part of the course was the instructors lived and breathed an attitude of safety. When novice riders hear an old (sorry Trevor) bike racer tell them he doesn't commute on a motorcycle during rush hour, that really hits home. It brands an attitude of rational safety clearly in their heads. The best part was the road run during part of rush hour. While CAREFULLY sheparding us, you did not sheild us from the realities of the road. That left an indelible impression. Before the road run, the instructors were really focused. I think that helped everyone else get their heads into focusing on what we had learned.

Leigh C


Had a great three days (despite the weather!) was very impressed with the training skills and knowledge of the team. Had this company recommended to me by a friend who took the same course and I would highly recommend to anyone else who asks. Great job guys!

Leandra S


I had a great time learning in a fun positive environment. The instructors were excellent! Thanks so much, Lawrence

Lawrence E


It's easy enough to read how to properly ride but there is no substitute for working with highly skilled instructors that really take an interest in their students doing well. Thank you Trevor, Rene and Jordan for sharing your love of the sport!

Laura B


Having tried to learn with someone who rides and then taking this course, I was absolutely astounded at how hard it would have been to continue learning that way. These guys were fabulous - so patient and thoughtful. I never once felt like I wasn't going to get it. I'm so proud of myself & so is my boyfriend, now we can continue learning together!!

I can't think of anything - maybe someday I will - but I think you have it mastered!!!

Lareese S


Thank you all so much for this experience. I can not believe there are people out there riding without this kind of training. I really have learned respect for this sport and I appreciate the respect evident in the instructors. You all practice what you preach. Thank you again.

Landon M


"Thanks for being patient with me and encouraging me to keep on going!"



Trevor, Rob and Jordan were all very kind and patient with everyone in the class. Even with the bad weather we encountered I have to say I was impressed with the way they all handled the class. The patience that they each had for us on an individual basis was a good experience allowing the one on one instruction to be more effective and lasting. I finished the course feeling confident with practice I will have no problem passing my road test and always learning while I am on the road. Unless you can control the weather I have no other suggestions for improvement as you already have the grip warmers that were a life safer during the time I took the course. :-)

Kim R


I loved the instructions.

Kim A


I now know what and how to practice, Thanks to the training professionalism of Trevor, Jordan and Rob, they have given me the knowledge needed to start to improve my riding skills for many years of safe fun riding. Thanks for the fun and insightful three days.

Kevin R


Wish the course didn't end! The three days with you guys was a blast! Definitely going to recommend you guys to anyone wanting to learn how to ride a motorcycle! Thanks so much for the encouragement and tips to work on!

Kevin N


The whole experience was awesome! Great instructors and good selection of bikes to get a feel for them and see which ones fit best. Can't wait to get myself a '06 or up CBR600RR. Any tips and / or advice?

Kevin P


Hey guys! Great job! It was such a good course

Kenna M


The whole experience was amazing, I was amazed that the instructers Trevor, Rob and Rene were friendly, patient, understanding and patient again and still had huge smiles at the end of the day when all we wanted to do was have a nap, and lets not forget the comedy, way too funny. Thanks guys it was a pleasure

Ken J


You guys were awesome! No matter how hopeless I felt I was in trying to learn everything anything, the three of you were always encouraging me and never gave up on me. On day one, I felt like walking off the lot a few times and just resign myself to only being a passenger, but, because you were supportive and didn't give up on me, I decided I wouldn't give up on myself. I'm so glad that I came back for day 2. Thank you.

Kelly D


I absolutely loved attending the classes and wish that I could ride and learn with you guys all the time. Even though I have ridden for a few years the basic course was invaluable. I was just a little nervous each day but as I arrived every morning the nervousness abated and the exciting bubbled up. I have now gained the confidence I needed and want to go riding all the time. Thank you so much for such a great program and I hope to see you next year in the advance course and of course on those practise nights

Seriously, I don't know. Can we have life long membership and just come to hang?

Kathy B


The total experience was outstanding - thank you! Too Cool Motorcycle School.

Kathy & Scott P


loved it Guys! you all gave me a good experience by being kind patient and knowledgeable about anything I asked or had trouble with I went into the course thinking I can do this, it will be a breeze, I can already ride no problem Well let me tell ya I had a big Eye opener it was way different from riding in the dirt! I learned alot about the right way to do things on the road thanks for the personalized help!

Kathleen H


"I would like to thank you both for the great weekend I had with your school (27+ 28 March 04). Like you know it has been 16 years since I was last on a bike and that was in the UK.I learned lots and had a great and interesting time; now I have my license and I can't wait to get on the road. It's been a long time coming. Both you guys are great and fantastic teachers and I would strongly recommend you to any future students."

Karl M


I came to Too Cool from another school where I basically walked out on the course the second day. It was horrible.. horrible. Trevor makes you feel part of a family. I gained so much valuable experience. By the end of the course I was leaning into tuns with so much confidence I felt like a pro. As I digested the info and thought about everything after the course it was amazing to re learn things in my head as I gained more experience. The book I got that Trevor wrote was amazing. I read it to this day just to learn about the dynamics of riding. I get so excited when I see the road ride newbies drive by and think of how much fun they are having and how great that moment was to conquer the road for the first time. I had this impression before I took the class that Trevor might be stuck up or hard to talk to but the dude is super cool I know I may sounds like I have a man crush on him lol but He taught me how to ride a bike and thats something I wanted to do all my life! So I have nothing but respect for the guy and his crew. I wish you guys the best with your business and I am always here to give back if you need me. If you guys could change the weather patterns in Calgary so we can ride all year. I know you guys have the connections to do it!

Karim H


It was great. I really wanted to get off the bike the first day and go home, but you guys kept me going. (sorry I scared you Rene!) I am proud of how far I came in three days and know I have a long way to go, but it was the best start I could have imagined. Thanks again, Trevor, Jordan & Rene. I will definately recommend you to my friends!

Karen V


great instructors, the course is layed out very well, covers alot of information and technics but everything is constanly being reinforced with exercises and demonstrations. The patiences and knowledge that the instructors demonstrate at all times is just amazing. Anyone that wants to ride should take the basic course.It has given me more confidence and understanding about what it takes to ride wisely and safely.

Karen H


One more thing to check off on my bucket list. It would have been much easier taking this course in my younger days but they say it's never too late. Thanks guys. Your mothers did a great job with all of you. True gentlemen.

Karen F


"Thanks again for the course. I learned a tremendous amount in 2 days and I feel the course was very, very worthwhile. I will not hesitate to recommend you guys, you?re awesome!! I've got over 1000kms on my V-star so far." Thanks,

Julie F


Dear Trevor,
I just want to say again that I\'m sorry for dropping and skidding the Kawasaki Ninja (green and special coloured one) on Sunday. I had the best time at the course this weekend. I honestly knew nothing about ridding and especially about shifting, everything I\'ve driven and ridden has always been an automatic; so i was very exited that i learn\'t how to shift. I also enjoyed that the class size was so small and that Jordan Rene and yourself all had time for every student no matter what the problem or question was. Thank you also for having confidence in me.

Julia K


I enjoyed the course very much. The instructors are very good at making people feel comfortable. Patience and promptness were appreciated. The information coming in on the weekend was at times a little overwhelming but repetition and practice enabled the majority of it to sink in.

Joy J


It was an awesome experience! I would say it is the number one thing a Person could do for their Motorcycling Career, training with Your School!!! 
I\'m looking forward to many hours of enjoyment on My new Bike.

Joseph B


The instructors were amazing, totally confident, always had my attention, and made learning a real joy. Their confidence gave me the ability to feel confident on a bike, and their overtraining makes me feel like I can be safe in any situation. Best teachers I have ever had.

Jory I


"Thanks for the excellent motorcycle riding program that you ran several weeks back. You made it fun, interesting and valuable during the time spent in the course. I would recommend your program without hesitation."

John R


The instructors were very knowledgable & friendly. The course was set up well and the road ride was very well done. The bike fleet appeared to be very good. I can tell each instructor sincerely cares about keeping every one safe. Good job Trevor/Rob/Jordan.

I would have liked to practice emergency (or rapid) braking at faster speeds (>2nd gear) in parking lot portion of course. I had to rapidly decelerate on the road ride, and my rear tire skidded momentarily. I know the 70/30 rule (in theory), but it takes practice to have a light touch on the rear brake. 
I was placed on a bike that I hadn't used yet in the course right before the road ride. I felt uncomfortable on the bike and it added to the apprehension of the road ride. I know there are probably reasons that I'm not aware of, but I would have preffered to use the bike that I was using the 2nd day (Sunday). I already had a few hours logged on the bike, and was used to the feel.

John P


Instructors were wonderful. 

Have friends who have motorcycles. Could not understand why they made this purchase. Now I know why.

The idea of looking both ways before pressing on the accelerator and when stopping I am trying hard to do when I drive. 

I now see the advantage at a light I do not charge across the intersection as before making me a safer driver

John E


I think that considering the such short time we went from not knowing how to turn on a bike to being able to go for a ride around town without being nervous should be a reflection on the dedication of the trainers. Renee, Jordan and Trevor. Great job!!!! Thank you for your logical guidance, patience and especially dedication to the sport itself. It shows, we felt it and it makes it alot easier for us to enjoy the experience of riding a motorcycle. Keep up the awesome work, enthousiasm and for sure the safety part of it. 

Thank you all you guys for the great lessons.

Joey P


The best part about too cool was the instructors. They made the whole experience one of the best in my life. The way they made it a learning experience and a comfortable situation on and off the bike. Trevor,Jordan and Rob are natural leaders, I loved going to see them everyday, even though after day 2 the confidence was shot, they picked me right back up and gave me the skills to confidence to survive on the roads. THANKS A MILLION TO EVERYONE.

I honestly dont have any idea how it could be any better. Keep up the great work . 

Joe F


I appreciated the tips and reminders. After taking the basic in August I know I still did not fully understand or remember what I had learned. The Refresher put everything together and I now understand what I was taught. Terrence was very helpful in helping me understanding the sound to listen for when setting up for take off. Jordan helped me with snaping off the back break. Renee helped me to remember to breath, Jack helped me with jr technique and Trevor well what can I say helped me with tapping down. All in all everyone had a smile and totally encouraging. The reminders at every station just helped to inbed it into my brain. Can\'t wait to take the Advance course. Well maybe still nervous about it. Thanks again to all the instructors!! 
Jody Roy :)

Jody R


I have already recommended Too Cool Motorcycle School! I really appreciated the individual approach, I thought the instruction and instuctors were awesome! Taking this course helped me to expand my abilities and increase my awareness when on the bike. I am looking forward, with confidence, to my abilities on the road this summer and perhaps returning for an advanced course one day!
Thank you!!

Jody G


The patience that the three guys had is probably equal to devout monks in Tibet...seriously! Always with a positive smile and great constructive criticism. Never a harsh word, they believed we could do it making us believe we could as well.

Jodie N


Being taught the correct techniques on how to ride a motorcycle. Well structured course, presented and executed like a military maneouvre, just much more enjoyable.

Jim M


I had a great time. The excercises in the parking lot are the tools I hope to always practice. Low speed control of the motorcycle is definitely the key to riding well. After taking this course, I have come to realize you cannot learn from friends. Friends want to ride their motorcycles, speed and expect you to keep up, offering little or no instruction. With noise and traffic it can become a dangerous and scary vehicle. This course gives me the tools and confidence to safely become a good rider. Money well spent!! Thanks to all of you!!

Jim F


Best experiece ever, I could of gone another 4 days it was that much fun.

Jim E


i had a great time, Trevor, Rob and Jordan kept the whole time upbeat and positive without losing sight of the importance of safety and defensive driving skills. even if i had decided that motorcycling was not for me, i know the skills and lessons i learned will also make me a better driver behind the wheel of my van. (and i'm saving over $400 for the first year on motorcycle insurance.) your course is worth every penny and the best bang for the buck i've had in a very long time. get one of those infernal russian weather machines to control the climate? i can't think of anything else that you wouldn't think of before me.

Jim B


Just wanted to thank you, Trevor and Keith for a great weekend. It was a lot of fun, we learned a lot and went home exhausted. Thanks again



Trevor, Jordan and Rob were all amazing instructors. Patient and knowledgable and they made it fun. They also didn't give me any time to be scared or nervous, just kept pushing me further than I thought I could go. Thanks guys!

Jenny B


To sum it up...Memorable...as I will never forget the skills I learned and the fun I had. I look forward to future coureses as I gain more experience. Thank you very much Trevor and Rob.

A ride to Cochrane for Ice Cream.

Jeffrey M


You don't realize how small that parking lot is until you come back from the day 4 road ride. I left the lot for the ride, a bit nervous, a bit excited and a bit relieved to finally hit the open road. It's an indescribable feeling, what happens as you slowly become more and more immersed in real world traffic, until suddenly you realize you are going 100km/h on Stoney Trail amidst a pack of riders who, 3 days ago, didn't know how to start a bike. Suddenly the city falls off your back and you're traveling one of the most beautiful roads you've ever seen, on 2 wheels or 4, and you realize the significance of the moment, as both a reward and a testament to the staggering progress you've made as a new rider.

Trevor, Rene and Jordan are outstanding instructors, and examples of guys who have truly found their calling. Jordan's optimism is noteworthy, and crucial to keeping a new rider's chin up as he struggles through the first challenges of riding. Rene's empathetic sincerity is unparalleled as he could tell you how you completely screwed up an exercise and you'd still walk away smiling. Trevor is the toughest on you, alot like my dad, he'd always tell you what you could do better, and never let you forget that you're far from perfect. This is the most important thing, I think, to keeping a new rider grounded. Seeing a guy with that much experience and skill on a bike, have so much respect for the road, the dangers upon it, and the never-ending pursuit of perfection is and will always be a humbling reminder for any rider who goes through this course.

10 years from now and 10 years of riding later, I fully intend on walking around in just as good health as I am today. I might never ride to Banff going 150k, but I'll take solace in the thought that there were countless accidents, disasters that I was one wrong decision away from, but will never even know about. I don't have those skills yet, I'm not even close, but I feel I've been pointed in the right direction to approach this sport with respect and with a desire to become as skilled and as prepared as I can be. Can't wait to get back on that open road.

Jeff Y


Fantastic day, lots of fun with good people. Great feedback from most instructors and greatly improved my riding ability and confidence (now signing up for BGPR).

Jeff K


This was a fantastic school. The teaching ability of each instructor complimented their motorcycle skill knowledge. A great school that should be made mandatory for all knew motorcycle license applicants!!!

Jeff B


The course was really excellent, I never knew how hard it was to ride at slow speeds but you guys made it become easier. The instructors were top notch, very patient and had a good way of relating real world expeiriences to motorcycle handling. I would and have recomended your school to other, thanks for the expeirience it was well worth it.

Jason D


Trevor, Jordan, and Rob,

I just wanted to take a second to say thanks for the amazing experience that was the Basic Training Course over the week-end. I will openly admit going into the course I thought that getting my license would be the most important thing to come out of the course. Somewhere around the middle of day one I decided to forget about the license and just focus on trying to improve and build the foundation you preach, that is when I really started having fun. Of course because I just wasn’t worried about it anymore I ended up acing the test, or at least the GS500 did (thanks for the tip Jordan). The course was a blast, you guys were amazing, and I feel like those two days in August will stay with me every time I get on a bike for the rest of my life. Thought you might like to know I had to go up to Edmonton on Sunday night after the course and after picking up some guys from my company had to explain why I was shoulder checking every time the car came to a stop, including at the drive through and after pulling into a parking stall. I tried to fill out the survey but your website seems to be down so I will do that when it is operational again. 

All the best guys and when I get a bike I will bring it by

Jason B


I can honestly say that all three of the instructors have made me feel confident on the road and have opened my eyes to what needs to be practiced to become a better rider, with all the bad stories you hear they have really brought to light that biking is much more then that(99.8%). they not only prepare you for road driving but also the slower driving ex. in parking lots, or communities where going fast isn\'t an option as well as making you aware of the dangers that go with it and through the course you become confident that given a situation you will feel comfortable in different ways on how to handle the task at hand . I cant wait to get a bike and go back and put my picture up on the toocool wall. Thanks very much guys, i will be recommending this course and these 3 instructors to every biker/friend/family member i know.

Jarod B


I had an amazing time doing the course. Trevor and Rob have made a lasting impression on me and I'm planning on returning to take the advance course in the future. Great school would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn. 

Everything is so perfect in this course its hard to say what needs improvement. Keep up the great work guys :) . 

James C


The course was excellent! Being one of a handful of women in the course I really appreciated the no pressure environment you created and had a blast at the different stations!

Jade H


Mike I just wanted to thank you and Chris, Trevor and Colin for a very thorough course. I went from 0 experience to a 0 error examination in 1 week. thanx to the whole team for a great experience.

Jack W


"I just wanted to thank you very much for the excellent motorcycle course. I can't believe I even considered riding without it. Both your friendly & enthusiastic attitudes were very comforting for someone like me who has next to no experience with motorcycles. I will recommend this course for EVERYONE who has not taken it, regardless of how much experience they may have. Instead of feeling scared of motorbikes I now feel a much better understanding of how they function, thus greatly increasing my confidence & safety level. In closing I just want to thank you again and I hope many others have the opportunity to experience this wonderful course!"



I started with 2 goals: to see if I could learn to ride and if I would like it. Trevor, Rene and Jordan are incredible instructors and I am amazed that in 4 days I was riding. I really appreciate the focus on safety and awareness, along with the demos, talks, practice, feedback and fantastic attitude. Our final night's road trip was life-changing, teaching me I am going to love motorcycling the Too Cool way.

Iris M


I am very glad I took the coarse and think it should be manditory for all who want to ride. It was hard and alot of fun. I have told others about it and told them to come. My husband has his class 6 but he amitts he couldnt do the sharp turning or the circles. And I told him about counter-steering and he thought i was nuts til I showed him the manual. Anyways I pick up my 68 450 this weekend and will enjoy it even more. I did come home to a new yamaha 650 in my garage. Yes I will practice before I take it out on the road. 

The only think I can think of, give family discounts. You guys are great. Thanks!

Ilja D


I've been riding for over 5 years (self taught) and thought I was a pretty good rider - I came to the course with pretty low expectations but I was very happy with what I learned, and equally important - what I unlearned!

My previous bike (a Burgman650e) had an automatic transmission so clutching shifting and using the rear brakes were skills I enjoyed learning and will be extremely useful on my new bike.

I was very impressed with the professionalism and personable nature of the instructors. It started with Rene, Jordan and Trevor being able to remember everyone's names to the obvious skills they demonstrated on the bikes.

I will for sure be recommending TCMS to others and will be taking further courses as well.

Ian S


An excellent course run by 3 supportive, outgoing and very personable individuals. Going to class was the highlight of my day during the week. EXCELLENT! Thankyou again for making dreams come true!

Ian L


For me, this was a wake up call. I had originally passed my motorbike test in The Netherlands about 15 years ago. Moving to Canada I was required to re-sit my test.
Before doing so I decided that I would take a course and re-learn how to ride a motorbike from first principles. Thanks to Trevor, Rob and Jordon I now can honestly say I fully understand why a motorbike leans in a corner and why counter steering actually works!
Thanks for helping me become a safer rider.

Ian D


Very difficult to take over two full days. If I take another course it will be in the evenings.

Helen H


I really appreciated the balance between giving us time to practice and digest the information we were being given, while still having plenty of one-on-one time with instructors to get specific feedback on where to look, timing, etc.

The email with the course confirmation should specifically state the requirements of the test on the second day (ie. time, approximate duration, cost and method of payment). I'm sure this was well explained verbally on the Saturday, but somehow I didn't catch the fact that cash would be best (probably due to 9 hours of riding in the extreme heat ;) ). I think if it was in the confirmation email I would have been more on the ball.

Course-wise though, the Too-Cool team is doing an excellent job and I honestly can't think of a single thing I would change.

Heather R


First off everything was well done, right from the moment we stepped onto the the lot until we left again. You can tell that you take this seriously and that you really like what you do. I like the that I had the opportunity to try several bikes as well and it made picking the right bike for me easier. Thanks again my Wife and I really enjoyed the experience.

Greg d


It was a great experiance for me. It was my first time on a motorcycle and this coarse gave me the knowledge-confidence I wanted. This coarse was a great experiance and the skills I learned this weekend will be a great base for what I feel is a start of a lifetime of riding. I have finally make that decision I need to go and buy a bike.
Thank you so much Trevor, Rob and Jordan for passing on the knowledge!
Cheers. The only thing that I didn't like was the fact that I and many others had trouble finding the class once at the Symons Valley Ranch. Not having ever been there before I did not know I was at the back of the building or just how big the place was, but I do now. Other then that it was all good.

Greg S


I thought the format was good, although at times I felt like I was standing around a bit. The progression of the course was at a pace I was comfortable with and the skills seemed to be in the right sequence (order of difficulty). I enjoyed many of the stories that were told as they were told in a manner that could be related to my own experiences.

Greg R


"Hey Mike, Thanks again for the course. I really enjoyed it and without it I would have been lost. I have been recommending the course to everyone out here and I believe that some of my friends will be out to Calgary to take the course as well. It seems that bike fever is in the air. So thanks again to you and the crew for a very well structured course that is designed perfectly for beginners like me. I am already putting lots of kms on my bike."

Greg H


Both Rob and Trevor were excellent. Can't say enough good about the experience. Will be recommending this class to anyone who asks me about the experience. Looking forward to the advanced course in a few 1000km's time. Thanks again.

Keep adding your insight and experience to the class as you move forward. The life experience and lessons you passed on was a great part of the class. 

Greg H (2)


I can't think of any time in the last ten years when I have found myself so exhausted from learning and exertion...but neither have I had such an incredible, life changing experience. From the bottom of my new rider's soul...Thank you Trevor, Thank you Rene, Thank you Jordan. You have changed my life for the better, and I have already decided that the first item on my first bike (after frame stands) will the the Too Cool Motorcycle School sticker.

Your attention to details, from the care of the cycles to the organization of the skills to your organized presentation of the information during the talks we had, was second to none.

I can only finish saying that I truly feel as though I have made some great memories, and some great friends this week, and I am already talking your school up to all of my friends.

Safe Riding to all of you!

Graeme W


Even though I have ridden in the past for 15 years (30 years ago) there was so much I had forgotten and/or never knew, that this course was an absolutely fantastic learning experience, and I certainly reccommend it to all new riders and anyone like myself that has ridden before but has not been on a bike recently. Having said that I firmly believe all riders would benefit greatly from your course.

Gorden K


Overall an excellent program. instructors were exceptional. would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to learn how to ride their bike.

Gord D


This course was such a positive experience. I learned extensively about motorcycling, and then used that knowledge in developing both my skills and proper mindset and attitude to become a good rider. This course has tremendously built my confidence about riding, without making me over-confident about what I can do at this point or how to continue to grow as a rider. Thank you very much, Trevor, Rene and Jason, you are fantastic instructors, and just good people.

Gord A


I have been taught by many instructors over the years and the best ones are the ones that have
- passion
- experience
- step by step process
- and a need to see their students succeed

This school has those qualities and it shows in everything they do. The class and instruction was top notch. I went from a person that was nervous even sitting on a bike to a person that now understands what he is needs to look for in a bike and the skills to ride safely and confidently on the road.

The class finished thursday and I wanted to see what I retained so I took my theory test on saturday morning without lifting a book and passed with one wrong answer. ON the road ride we parked in the lot at a 45 degree angle and that was on the test and that info was still in my head. I then booked my roadtest for may 2nd and put a down deposit on a bike .... to me it was seeing how far karma was taking me and things kept lining up so i kept going. this is all coming from a person who has had addiction problems and has had a 3 day period of fun without having the nag of drugs on my mind .... i am hoping this is the start of something great.

Glenn F


Your\'e ability to instruct while maintaining a sense of humour has made for a fun filled 3 days of learning. The 
staff has a special way of making the student proud of their accomplishments when they do something right, 
Perfection is a long way off but with the training of our eyes, it is always in sight although Too Cool has taught
me that if I ever quite learning I will not be perfect but in fact will be a casualty.

Thank You Very much Trevor, Rene, and Jordan for your patents and a special Thank You to Christine for the 
scheduling and rescheduling several times do to the uncontrollable weather.

Glenn C


The course took me from having never even moved a foot on a bike to being able to navigate safely through the streets with all the right habits - that\'s no easy task for 4 nights. Trevor, rene and jordan are great teachers and extremely patient at that. The course was mentally grueling trying to pack that much information into a short period of time - but enjoyable at the same time. The small displays of pro riding inbetween was a great chance to see how my skills COULD develop over many years. 

Overall I had an amazing time, learned something new and had tons of good riding habits instilled into me. Even today when I saw people riding not left-of-center and observing how they turned I was quick to point out their wrong doing to one of my friends. I\'m entering the world of motorcycling more confident then I could be with 100 hours of practice alone in a parking lot. 

Glenn C (2)


"Thank you for your: Patience, Encouragement, Attitude, Humour, Frankness, Seriousness, Ability to train and coach me to be a better rider."

Glen R


Everything was really good. The equipment that we borrowed was in really good shape.

Gina K


Thank you to Trevor, Rob, and Jordan! You were all very fun, knowlegeable, and very patient instructors. The first day I was poistive I wasn't mechanically inclined enough to even complete the course. I hadn't ever driven a manual transmission; to me a clutch was a cute little purse that matched my outfit but didn't hold much. All three of you were so confident, I had to trust and believe you. I was definitely the worst in the class (sorry, guys, but somebody has to be worst), but as long as I committed to doing my best and doing the homework, I trusted I could be successful. I LOVE it! I will be booking some Friday sessions for practice; fair warning, gentlemen! Thanks again! I would have liked a week long course, so I could absorb all of the new information. :)

Gayleen H


You took a scared middle aged never been on a motorcycle in my life type lady and with practice turned me into a safe confidant excited motorcycle rider. The course was fantastic! The way it was planned to take me through the steps, I was learning to ride very quick. The fact that you drilled safety safety safety into me was also reassuring. You made it fun and knowledgeable and safe! I now have my son registered to take the course and I said no way were either of my boys riding a motorcycle ever! But I know he will learn the right way, be safe and have the time of his life! Thanks again

Gayle E


You guys were amazing, I learnt soo much during my course I don't even know where to begin. You guys got the point you needed across well and if we started to stress out over not getting something you were there trying to get us to relax so we wouldn't over think it. Your there for our every need as we started our biking careers and I can't wait to get my bike and go back for a picture and hopefully one day get to go on another group ride with you guys.

Gary F


This is a special thanks to Trevor and all the guys at TCMS for the great fun, and the excellent knowledge and skills they teach. Without you guys there would not be good riders out their and I wouldn’t have passed my test. I can’t wait to join you on the road rides…….as soon as I pick up my gear.

Gareth M


I really enjoyed the course and would advise anyone that has never ridden a motorcycle to start at Too Cool or if you haven't ridden for a long time this is an excellent refresher. The emergency situation training is worth the price of the course alone. 
If you listen closely to the instructors you will ace the written part of your test. 
I was totaly impressed with how prepared I was to take the driving test, I was totaly relaxed and breezed through the test with no mistakes on a bike I wasn't that familiar with. There was not one thing the instructor asked for that wasn't covered thouroughly in the course.

Frank K


I really appreciated the patience, encouragement, and enthusiasm you guys brought to the table as instructors. I was nervous about getting back on a bike, but I feel I have the confidence to get out there and ride. I also really understand what areas I need to improve and how to do it. More than anything, I\'d like to thank you for giving me confidence as well as sharing that experience of riding that brings newbies like me into the game.

Frank L


My experience with the basic course gave me somewhat of a teaser to the world of motorcycling. The course left me very well informed and feeling confident with my initial skill set, however with a thirst for more knowledge to fill that

Evan B


The instruction was excellent, the three of them worked very well together and I had a great time each evening. I was worried heading into the first day of on-bike training and they made it easy for me to relax and trust their instructions. I feel having taken the Basic Course I\'m very well prepared to go out on the streets and make good decisions instinctively. Thanks team for a great experience!

Erin H


I am absolutely in awe of how amazing this school is structured and how much Trevor and his minions (aka Renee and Jordan =-] ) can take a bunch of inexperienced curiousity and turn it into the confidence to ride! You guys are truly amazing individuals and should be absolutely so proud to be part of something so spectacular!!!

Erin C


Excellent! Your passion for riding is extremely apparent in your teaching. Your concern for learning to ride safely and to enjoy the sport brings excitment to the students (even for us cruiser riders).

Wow, I can't think of anything. The one item that clicked for me (even though it was emphasized) was look ahead and keep a firm hold of the tank with your legs. Once this clicked, everything else fell into place.

Eric W


I had a lot of fun. Thanks a lot for the patience and knowledge you passed on to us. Great humor, scripted or not, it really helps get rid of those butterflies. I wish the ride was longer. I really didn't want it to end.

Elton G


I REALLY enjoyed this course. ALL instructors are very good,work well together, and have endless patience. You tought us well, and made it fun at the same time.
I felt that I have a good understanding of how I should be doing things, even if it doesn't always all come together, I just have to keep practising.
I also enoyed the Kawasaki Ninja bike very much, and found it much easier to ride than my dual purpose dirt bike,so the experience on the Ninja has helped me a lot to be a better rider on the dirt bike.

Ellen F


I am very glad I took the course with you. The instructors were all thorough and patient and provided great information! It was inspiring to watch the pros ride around and make it look so easy...! The course made me put my obsession of motorcycles into perspective. I understand the risks and feel with the training I received I already have better safety skills than other experienced riders I know. I am looking forward to buying my own bike and continuing down the path of learning while finally being able to say my love of bikes is not just an obsession...but hopefully a lifelong sport!

Elizabeth H


This course was absolutely excellent! The instructors were very patient and able to explain all the techniques very well. I had an absolute blast riding different bikes and hanging out with the group :) Thank you!!! Everything was perfect the way it was!

Ela D


"Thanks to your teaching I survived rain and sleet and 1.5 km in stall-crawl traffic on new hot slippery oil! Thank you!"

Douglas S


It was highly recommended to me, and I have to say it exceeded expectations. I had never driven a motorcycle before I showed up, and at the end was amazed I could go out on a road trip.

Douglas M


Your vigilent care and attention to your students which raised our desires to perform the learning tasks at a higher level. The teams care and attention to the safety, condition and attention to detail of the motorcycle's readiness to be used without fear. The outstanding experience for me was your ability as a teaching team to take the time to make sure us students really got the message on what to initiate for the specific skill being taught from a visual and sensual perspecive.

Doug R

My experience was amazing, I loved every part of it. The energy that the instructors had was phenomenal. The sole enjoyment after the road ride of the instructors was so good. I cant wait for spring!!!! :)

Doug L


The course was a very satisfying and enjoyable experience. Trevor, Rene and Jordan were always upbeat and went above and beyond to help everyone learn the techniques and have fun at the same time. They are very knowledgable and always had a smile and encouraging words for all. They gave the information with humor to keep it interesting so we all had a great time learning and now are looking forward to practicing it all.

Doris D


It was great to learn the basics and know that I have the potential to become a competent rider as long as I practice correctly!....which I plan to do!....hopefully! FYI bought the Kawi 650R. Love it!

Donna B


This is one of the best courses I have ever taken. I have done several driver courses through work, have taken my class 1 training, and this was by far the best experience I have had with any of them. This course has taught me so much about general road safety and how safe operating a motorcycle can be. This was a great experience for me and would recommend this to anyone even remotely thinking about getting into the sport. Your great attitudes and professionalism has made me confident and eager to start riding today. I will definitely be looking at refreshing and increasing my skill knowledge in the future. Thanks and Best Regards. I might suggest additional breaks on day one, just a few 5 minute breaks to drink some water. At the end of day 1 I was dehydrated and physically and mentally fatigued, which lead me to question whether I enjoyed the sport or not. That totally changed around on Sunday, especially riding a more enjoyable bike...

Dion B


I was very nervous going into the course, but you were very good at not starting with too much. Once we got started I was a little confused why we hadn't got out of second gear the whole first night. About half way through the road ride I realized that going into third, fourth and fifth gear was very easy and all the little stuff that we did in the lot will probably save my life. I think that the way you run your course is top notch. Hand shaking at the end of the night, how well you concentrate on knowing names, and always smiling and being positive is huge. You guys go above and beyond with your customer service!! Even the lady on the phone is terrific. I was a little scared while riding bikes like the Rebel when every time I would hit the brakes it would squeek like crazy. Then you guys would keep telling us to make sure we are always checking and maintaining our bikes. I wish I could find more for you guys but all in all I was so impressed.

Dennon M


The experience was great. I now feel I am equiped with the necessary skills to ride safely for life.

Dianne T


I rode with my husband for 24 years. He passed away in Dec. Now I can carry on riding for him. They are all very good teachers and have a lot of patients with everyone, and thats what makes them good teachers, As well as makes a very good school. I would recommend your school to anyone who wanted to take the course. I enjoyed it very much, and probably would not have gotten anywhere close to what I have learned if it was not for the school, or for the teachers. Thank you very much for every thing you did.

Deena D


"Dear Trevor, Chris and Mike, Thanks for making learning to ride such a great positive fun experience! This has been the coolest thing I have done in my life, a great personal confidence builder. I appreciate all the extra riding you allowed me to do and to take the road test using Too Cool's bike. This is my 2004 Suzuki Intruder Volusia 800VLSE. She is a real pleasure to ride, so smooth and easy to handle. I rode to Bragg Creek yesterday morning with my boyfriend - he is the one who inspired me to do this - but never asked or suggested I learn to ride. Motivation has to come from within. I couldn't believe it just three weeks ago tonight I sat on a bike for the first time.... and today I went for my first solo run on my own bike, to Didsbury to visit my parents using the secondary highways. I will be cruising into the parking lot in the next couple of weeks to show her off. Please add me to your wall of fame."

Debby K


I've recommended TCMS to several friends because I had such a great time in the course. I rate the experience 10/10 (and keep in mind that I very rarely do that :) )

Thanks guys, keep up the great work.

I honestly can't think of anything you guys can do to improve. I'll contact you after I have a year of riding under my belt, and I'll let you know if I feel like something could have been covered differently.

Deb M


Since I took your course I have been bitten by the motorcycle bug. I bought an 800cc cruiser and I have ridden it every chance I get. I'm so happy we aren't burried under snow yet.

The skills I learned from your course have given me the confidence to ride wherever and whenever I like (weather permitting). I am positive I would have dropped my bike if I hadn't learned the slow speed techniques from the too cool crew. I feel safe, confident, and completely in control when I'm on my bike. It's a real thrill when other, more experienced riders, comment on your bike and your skills.

Thanks again and I can't wait for spring!

The only thing I could possibly comment on is use more paint to show students where to go after they finish an exercise. There seemed to be some confusion when we first started moving from station to station. We all got it after a while but the confusion opens the potential for student collisions. That's it , keep up the good work. . 

Dean H


At first, all of the information coming at me was overwhelming. In two days it is a lot to learn but I am glad I did. The thing I appreciated most was that you were willing to adjust the approach to teaching me the skills as the program went on.

David S


It was amazing at how a person could lliterally go from the ground up and have the skill delivered in such a way that made the rider comfortable with what they were doing. I particularly enjoyed the safely aspects that were incorporated.

David M


Aside from being the school with the best reputation in Calgary, I was persuaded to take my lessons with Too Cool based on the flexbile training schedules. I was in a rush to get my liscense and wanted something quick without skipping the details. The weekend course made sense to me. It was full-on and exhausting - I had no idea learning to ride would be so gruelling. It was a full classroom session and several hours of basic motorcycle familiarization and safety training before we even attempted a solo ride, but it was worth it. That first sensation of opening the throttle on my own (even if within a parking lot) was sensational!

Too Cool operates within a culture of rider safety. Everything revolves around keeping its trainees and those around them safe. I had the rather embarrassing experience of dropping my bike - twice! Once in the training lot and another time on the road ride. Only my pride was injured, but what I\'ll always recall is how the instructors (Trevor, Rob and Terence) first ensured that I was physically unharmed and then they all proceeded to share their own stories of their first accidents. It was important to them that I did not lose my confidence and that I hopped back in the saddle. After the lessons were completed I spent several evenings at the training lot watching and practicing. I even received some rider theory advice from Trevor over the phone. By the time I took my operator\'s test in May I was brimming with confidence and earned my license on the spot. I will never, however, forget my mishaps as they taught me to respect the power of these machines and the vulnerability of their riders. I will also never forget the expertise and kindness of Too Cool\'s tremendous training crew. Well done boys!

David G


Trevor - thank YOU for driving home the utmost importance of safety
Rene - thanks for your patience with my looking down when stopping!! and fixing it
Jordan - thanks for body positioning riding tips that ties it all together.

David F


"I would like to thank Mike, Derek and Trevor for your positive instruction and I am very impressed with the way in which all of your staff presented themselves. The manual you gave us I will keep for reference due to its quality and superb content. You told us to keep safety in mind at all times and as an added bonus you have also made a better car driver out of myself and all that attended your course. I aced the test on Saturday, 10th May 2003. Thank you from all the "Gruellers"!

David C


I can\t say enough good things about the course. I was quite apprehensive about learning to ride as I am 40 and have never ridden anything with 2 wheels - period.

First, I thought the materials, curriculum and itinerary were just right - the right amount of information, the right balance of instruction, coaching and theory coupled with adequate time to practice it on the bike.

Second, the instructors were exceptional. Not only did they know the material down pat (they have done this a few times apparently!) they were ALWAYS positive, encouraging and coaching, even when you did something silly or repeated the same mistake for the umpteenth time. I used to teach classes on how to use 3D CAD software and after you teach the same basic course 1000 times it can become difficult to maintain your enthusiasm, but the guys consistently went above the average and what I expected. Thanks guys!

Third, Christine in the office was my first point of contact with Too Cool and she bent over backwards to accommodate me. First with my business travel schedule, even calling me back on a Sunday night to make sure I got the class booked and the info I needed before going to Argentina for 2 weeks. Then I contacted her a couple of times with schedule changes and questions (I am big 6'7")

David B


"Many thanks again for a great course!"

Dave G


I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you and the CMRA for a fantastic Street School this week. The course was well organized and, in spite of the rain, provided a great deal of useful information and practical experience. Trevor was an awesome instructor - his passion for motorcycles, riding and instructing is obvious. Trevor's practical teaching style was just excellent in the classroom and on the track. At the track, having all of the other instructors on hand was superb. Each instructor was able to provide a slightly different perspective and the feedback that I received was very helpful. A big thank you to each of them - Bill, Stu, Derek, Lance and the others whose names I didn't catch (or worse, can't remember). The 2005 Street School was an excellent learning experience - after I got home, I had a look at my tires and realized that I had been leaning the bike farther over in the rain during the course, than I ever had previously in dry weather. The course taught me practical skills and techniques that have given me a much greater degree of confidence in my motorbike. I would highly recommend the course to any motorcyclist looking to take their riding skills up a level. Thanks to all who made this course possible.

Dave B


Trevor, this course was outstanding! The instruction and and individual coaching was excellent! I particularly liked the feedback portions from all instructors. This sorted me out on my bad habits . Keep up the dam good work.

Darnell B


Best money I ever spent. I wish I would have done this years ago. You guys are awesome. Unbelieveable how you can teach people to ride in 2 days! The road ride was great! Watching you guys on the dirtbikes was rad!

Danny W


i thought that you guys were very profesional and respectful towards everyone. I really appreciate you investing your time to teach me.

nothing comes to mind to improve you guys took your time explaining things... keep up the good work! . 

Daniel A


True story: as I left the lot yesterday I was still very much in \'rider mode\' and was thinking about signaling, shoulder checks, gearing down, obeying the speed limit, etc. As I made my way home down Crowchild, going through the still under construction Stoney Trail interchange, I found myself at the front of the pack of cars I was leading. I didn\'t notice until too late that there were 2 police officers on their bikes, parked in all the gravel and debris, using their radar gun on everyone. They had already pulled over a truck. When I finally noticed them sitting there, I knew it would\'ve been too late to slow down....if I had to, which I didn\'t, because I was so focused on driving properly and was right on the 60 km for the zone. Thanks Too Cool for saving me money and demerits!!
Also, when I got to school today my secretary informed me there was a big bike accident just west of Airdrie yesterday afternoon. In her words, there were bodies and bikes everywhere, with every EMS responder in Airdrie on-site. No doubt we\'ll read something about it in the paper tomorrow.

Dan H


This was one of the best experiences I have had in a long time. Not only was this course professionally run, it was fun and very educational. I learned so much and was truly appreciative of the time and patience from each of the instructors. They gave each student valuable feedback to practice and make it out on to the road. THANK YOU!

Daisy B


It was absolutely fabulous. It's almost beyond words how exhilarating it was to go from knowing nothing to being confident and realizing I could drive a bike around the city. I didn't want the course to end. I learned so much. The instructors are all so great - their patience is much appreciated. They encouraged me when I was feeling overwhelmed and getting down on myself. Touching on one or two areas to improve during each practice run helped me a lot, rather than forcing it all on at once. It was amazing. I had a great weekend. It was great. I did kind of wish I could have practiced the skills part a bit more, especially after the road trip. I wondered if I would have been better at it.

Daina G


It was a Great experience and out me into a comfort zone on a bike.

Cyril D


After completing the Basic Course last summer and experiencing the wonderful group of professionals at TCMS I was certainly pleased to sign up for the Advanced Course on May 14. I have to say that it was, bar none, the best course I have ever been on and is certainly a ?must do? for anyone claiming to be a good street rider. Perhaps the advanced course can best be summed up by two words: Too Cool!. Congratulations to you and your team on this first year of delivering the Advanced Street Skills Course and I look forward to attending it each year to help make my riding adventures safe and enjoyable.

Curtis M


I just want to thank you and your team once again for everything you have taught me. I'm glad you keep the class sizes small and I can tell you all really care about your students and their safety. Your friendly reminders to keep you eyes up and look beyond will stick with me. You made it fun, informative and memorable. So thanks again! You are all truley amazing instructors and friends.

Crystal H


I absolutely loved it! The professionalism of the team is exceptional. I'm looking forward to doing more training with you guys...Thank you so much, I learned a ton!!

Christian L 


This was the second time taking this course. Learnt just as much the second time as the first. About skills, my bike and my habits. The instruction on activity 8, where the instructor followed you on his bike an provided feedback was very very good and an improvement.
The change to the slow speed riding activity was good also.



This was the second time taking this course. Learnt just as much the second time as the first. About skills, my bike and my habits. The instruction on activity 8, where the instructor followed you on his bike an provided feedback was very very good and an improvement.
The change to the slow speed riding activity was good also.

Craig (2)


"Thank you for all your patience you had with me throughout the course. I learned a lot while still enjoying myself. You both are excellent instructors.:"

Connie M


The instructors were very professional and thorough in their work with the students. I thought at first that the sessions were going to be too long and although they ran late, I realized that you can't rush the learning process. These guys know what they are doing.

Colleen P


-it took all weekend but my eyes were up
- you guys did an exellent job drilling stuff into my brain
- allowing people to test all the differnt types of bikes was a great thing

Colin M


I bought my bike on a whim and knew that before I could even attempt to get my license I would need to learn riding from the ground up. Attending the class session cemented my belief that I had chosen wisely and the first day on the lot only proved to me how much I needed to learn, and how valuable the course really was. The Too Cool crew was always friendly, knowledgeable, and best of all, patient with not only myself, but others in the class who had never set boots on pegs before. The most valuable part of the course, however, was the sense of awe and respect one receives when learning and practicing with the bikes. Nobody walks away from the course believing they are stunt drivers or invincible, but this is not taught out of fear, only a healthy understanding of the realities of the sport. I will forever recommend your school to those I know interested in riding, or returning to riding after a long absence, as I believe you had a direct and measurable impact (not literally, I hope!) on all our survivability and future enjoyment of our bikes. I can't thank you enough!

An electronic (and maybe updatable copy for when you have revisions?) of the Training Manual would be an asset to those who live on the PC and the road like I am forced to do occasionally. Paper doesn't usually survive around me for too long unless it is tucked away somewhere safe. I would definitely be willing to pay a 'subscription' fee or a few dollars for new material or updates once in a while as well.

Christopher B


the instructors were awesome!, patient and very helpful. i was never nervous or doubted myself once because i knew the proper technique and they were confident so I was. Well, i bought a bike before this course and im glad i did because that road ride was not long enough for me. So the only thing i can wish for is a longer road ride because it was the most fun i have ever had! Thank you so much guys for teaching me how to ride!

Chris P


I can't remember taking a course, in business or otherwise, where instructors were more professional, prepared and enthusiastic than this one. 
As a rider in my youth, I was skeptical I would learn much from a 'basic' course, however I discovered I needed to re-learn everything. From setting up the bike, shifting, safety habits, and the principles in push steering, the course gave me a foundation of basic skills that I know will be key to both safe and enjoyable riding for years to come. 

I'm excited to learn more from this group in the future. Thanks 2cool for your contribution to my riding, and the sport of motorcycle. 

Best of success and safe riding.

Chris O


Extremely professional, educational and practical. Well done guys - you really are awesome!!!! 

I was also very impressed with the course structure, each lesson built on the previous and highlighted excellent issues. Ample time was given to practicing and presented the challenge for ongoing learning.

Great introduction to the sport. I can\'t help but feel that this is an awesome service you are giving back into the sport of biking.

Cheers, again well done!

Sincere thanks.

Chris N


best learning experience i ever had. instructors are great, and teach more than just riding. they really get into the responsibilities of owning a bike off, and on the road.

excellent selection of bikes to ride!

The training manual will be an asset for all my years of riding.

instructor/student ratio was perfect

Chris F


BSOLUTLEY PHENEOMENAL!!! Not only did I learn how to operate a motorcycle SAFLEY but the guys at Too Cool also gave me a new found respect for the machine itself. The instructors were excellent and the humor they use in the delivery of their instructing made it so much fun and stuck better in your head as to what they are trying to get you to understand about the physics of riding. I could not have asked for a better bunch of guys to learn from. They never get mad or impatient if you don't pick up on something right awat. They explain what you did or did not do right, give you the proper advice and send you around the lot again. I would, without even a second thought, abosolutley reccomend this course to anyone wether your a first timer like myself or a rider of many years. Thank you TOO COOL!! Although I know that no matter what you do in life there is always room for improvement, I really cant find anything to suggest. I really do think you guys have the perfect course!

Chris D


Trevor, Jordan and Rob are a wonder with regards teamwork. The banter, upbeat attitude and personal attention ot each student is un paralelled. Not only was taught how to ride a bike, but how to feel it as well. Safety first in all things. The encouragement and sense of confidence they are able to build within each student is such a short period of time is, to my mind amazing.

There are markers in ones life which define how we view things. Few of these markers are life changing in such a positive manner. I honestly did not want the classes to end. More, due to the experience they have and impart in such an enthousiastic fashion. They share their experiences so you can avoid down falls. I left my last class with the feeling that I was leaving old friends.

Simply put, I will take the refresher class because I know that they care that one is safe on the roads.

Cheers to you gents for all your hard work. Know this. You have been appriated for all you have done. 

Thank you so very much

Charla F


From the classroom, to the training in the lot, to the road ride... two thumbs up! 
All the guys were extremely knowledgeable, professional and the added humour along the way was great.
I will and have already recommended this course.

Chad R


The entire program was fantastic starting at the registration process with Christine through to the bike and classroom with Trevor, Jordan, and Rene. The road ride was amazing. The program far exceeded my expectations. The training was superb but the extras are what made this an out of the park homerun: heated hand grips during cold weather, the guys remembering everyone\'s name, the microwave, and the opportunity to ride various styles of bikes proved invaluable. The road ride was the pinnacle of everything...when we all pulled in to Good Earth for a stellar cup of java and had a moment to reflect on the fact we had all riden there on a bike, it was surreal. Thanks, my smile will never fade. Can\'t wait to do my road test and go shopping for a bike. Fantastic job guys, you will always get referrals from me...in fact, referrals are what brought me here in the first place!

Chad B


The positive attitude of all the instructors is a very reassuring experience. To be taught by professionals who truely love to ride was the best.

Cathy B


It was a great course with alot of valuable information that I will carry with me during my riding career...I learned alot. Thank you for all your help and patience..... Everyday I ride the more confident I become



revor and all the staff at Too Cool Motorcycle School, from my visit to your booth at the Bike Show to my first phone call to your office with Christine, right through the classes to the end, your company has shown nothing but caring and professional bearing.Positive re-enforcement has Always been your teaching method during class, Never once did I hear a negative word said. Working and living with parrots and dogs I understand the total value of Positive re-enforcement and your teaching staff emulates this completely.I, as you said well, had driven a bike before, three decades ago; however I had never ridden a bike. You taught the science of riding, a science that I was not really aware of but now have a deep respect for. I found great value in Jordan and Rob when they placed themselves in front of me during corners etc, when they exagerated the body position during these moves it was a great benefit to me and I found it easier to feel brave and copy them.Trevor, Jordan and Rob certainly showed me how to master the finer arts of motorcycle riding. You can teach an old dog new tricks… Thank you for not loosing me on that nasty, cold, foggy road ride night that was more an exercise in survival than anything else. Whew, I did make it back as did we all, our class name should have been the Popsicles (Chickens) last class joke.My sincere thanks to you all and may we all ride safely for many years to come. I would have preferred if I had taken a daytime class, also more time on the road, however I belive you are excellent and cannot improve much on perfection.

Carol G


Going from not knowing how to sit on a bike or keep it from falling to actually riding it on the street in just 4 days was an amazing experience to me. It's true I had my frustrations during the learning process but the outcome result surprised me by far. I think the training team ( Trevor, Jordan and Rob) is made out of great educators and I feel lucky for choosing the right motorcycle school for myself. After all, it's way TOO COOL, man:-)

Carmen G


"I had such a great weekend! (And...I passed my exam!!! Hurray!) You are excellent instructors. Keep up the super work. Hope to see you again."

Carmen E


It was one of the best training courses I have ever attended. The instructors were excellent, very knowledgeable and very patient. Thanks for a great experience.

Carlo V


Starting with day 1 my overall expirence was above and beyond all of my expectaions. Even though the weather really sucked some of the highlights of the week were the instructors methods of teaching, which helped me remember what is important, learning the emergency stopping and the group ride was most enjoyable. I will use and have been using the tools that Too Cool has taught me!!! I am looking forward to attending the refresher course in the spring and further down the road attending the advance course with my Dad.

Carli-Ann C


I took basic motorcycle training last year with another school, got 100% on the course and got 100% on my driver's test (lot test) but still didn't feel confident and wasn't proficient on the the bike. I found the instructors (and Trevor) to be very personable and the training was more one on one. If you had any issues they helped you through them. I would 100% recommend your school to everyone and anyone. Good job guys!!!!!!

Carla J


ou guys are awesome to be around. You made the experience one to remember. I am so greatful that I discovered your school. I feel better knowing that I was tought by the three of you. I have already tried my 2010 special addition 250 ninga. Awesome. Thanks again for the training. Your friend Carla.

Carla B


Awesome experience!! Instructors were great - friendly and supportive. The learning curve although steep on paper was comfortable and natural from almost no riding experience to my full license within one week of starting the course. And if it was not for Calgary's ridiculous weather I would be out riding right now rather than typing this. I look forward to the advanced course next summer.

Carl W


the course was a blast. You can be sure I will be recommending your business to anyone I know who may be interested in it.

Candace S


I came into the course with no experience and was quite nervous about riding a bike. I guess it does not help when your wife demands that you upgrade your insurance and make certain the will is up to date; she really is very supportive. Both Trevor & Rob not only gave me the skills to ride a bike safely, they've given me the confidence to ride and NOT make stupid mistakes because of being nervous. I used to be a Sport Professional and when you learn a skill it does , as the guys say, go into your skill jar. What I like is Too Cool's philosiphy of always testing and practicing those skills, because if they stay in the bottom of the jar for a long time until they are needed....they're rotten. Thanks guys for a wonderful experience !!

Thanks again for putting me on sport bikes instead of cruzers ... even though I own a cruzer it made me aware of the physics and technique required to ride properly.

Cameron F


Awesome. Both Rob and Jordan went above and beyond my expectations.

Cam J


Great upbeat instruction. A great positive learning atmosphere. Not a second of wasted time or effort. loved the eye exercises, you guys have looked at this course from every angle. It can only get better.

Bruce R


The three Amigos (Trevor,Jordan and Rene) do a superb job training riders according to their individual needs. Their passion, use of humor to help reduce rider anxiety and desire to see students improve and succeed is their focus, It genuinly helped me improve my riding confidence (after being off a bike for more than 20 years) and provided critical skills to keep me safe on the roads. Thanks very much to all three instructors!

A fantastic two days in the seat with three great instructors....and the weather was perfect!

Ride on Brothers!

Brian S


My time spent with Trevor and Rob was very rewarding. Not only was the atmosphere they created very positive but, I found both of them very eager to help with an attitude that encourage me and others to only succeed. On bike training was very safe in a controlled environment and it was amazing to learn from their experiences. Well done guys! So many things I have learned that will keep the smile on my face when I ride.

Brian S


Rob was an amazing senior instructor. keep him around!

I personally would have benefitted with some more time spent on throttle/clutch control, and up/down shifting to make things smoother and safer. 

Brian C


From being someone who had never been on a motorcycle before to being able to actually ride in traffic three days later was amazing to me. How everything comes together in a progressive manner was very rewarding. Also the emphasis on safety and shoulder checking and not speeding etc.....was excellent. I think overall is was a fantastic experience. All the instructors were superior in every regard. I have been exposed to several different methods of being taught over the years and was very impressed by all of your professionalism and experience. From knowing all of our names and having a relationship with each student to showing us all of the skills and giving us time to practice it is very obvious to me that you love what you do and are in this profession for all of the right reasons as you have proven to me that you have great integrity, honesty and morals. I am very very impressed. GOOD KARMA BIG TIME TOO COOL. I really can't think of anything to improve upon. But as I gain experience as a rider and can ever come up with anything I will let you know. TOP NOTCH is all I can say. Keep up the good work!!!!

Brian C (2)


"Mike, Trevor and Chris: I want to thank you for all the patience that came out in all of you this weekend (April 17-18, 2004). I just wanted to let you know that when I was coming home I found myself shoulder-checking at every movement (i.e., lane change, turning, etc). I actually avoided an accident already (same day as passing test). I wanted to change lanes and this guy was going 40 kph faster than me. If I hadn?t shoulder-checked I would have been hit. You guys are amazing and I would recommend you to anyone under the sun. Thanks a lot."

Brendan H


I was really taken back of the level of the professionalism and the positive attitude of the instruction offered by the instructors. I think it would have taken me years to have learned what I did in two days of this course. I would not hesitate for a minute to recommend this course to the seasoned rider or the brand new hopeful!!!

Brandon W


The overall experience was great, I was more then impressed with the entire course from the moment I arrived through to the end of our road ride it was enjoyable. I would have never thought that learning the right way on how to ride a motorcycle could be so much fun. I can not say in words how grateful I am to have had the experience to learn from such brilliant instructors, Too Cool has taken what started out as a hobby and turned it into a true passion. Thank you all for teaching me ways to have fun while staying safe. This course is absolutely brilliant and you can bet that I will recommend this course to every rider I know (future or existing).

Many thanks,

Brad G


When I arrived for my course I had never been on a motorcycle and was nervous. Trevor, Jordan, and Rene were not only able to convey that it was ok and normal to be nervous (anxious to be excellent), but their confidence and relaxed nature seems to be contageous. Their belief in us (as students) made us (me) believe that we could do it that much more.

The course was excellent and this was mainly due to the vast knowledge and love of the sport by the instructors.

The ability to try the different styles of bikes was great as well. Really helped me in knowing what I wanted out of the bike that I purchased.

Thank you for the great experience. I have wanted to do this since I was in high school (I am turning 40 this year) and Trevor, Jordan and Rene helped to make it everything I expected and more.

Brad D


I came to the course not sure what to really expect and came away so excited! The coaches are excellent, they tell you what you did good during an exercise and remind you of what you need to work on. Trevor, Renee and Jordan are excellent at what they do, they are warm, funny, and excited about teaching us newbies the sport!

Even though it was raining during our road ride it was just awesome being out there with the coaches was a highlight for sure! I have had an excellent time the last 3 days and have been recommending this course to my friends. 

Thank you! Thank you!

Bonnie P


Had a great time and I feel I am coming away from this course more confident in what I can do and what my bike will do. I will be back for a refresher. Thanks to all the instructors and their patience.

Bob A


I had a blast, it was a great experience. From being on the buddy seat all the time, finally being in charge is great. I loved the fact that we tried different bikes, since you think what you like, but that can change a LOT! So thanks for that oppurtunity as well. The first 1,5 days were really good to make you feel more comfortable on the bike and then the road trip was the icing on the cake. This tastes so good, I want more ;-)

Bo F


What an great weekend. I learnd so much. The whole experience was the best way to start this sport. From getting to know the whole group over the two days. Learning the skills I need to start off and it felt like I had three personal instructors. WOW. THANK-YOU.

Blaire H


I don't know where to begin...the course was well thought out, progressive and comprehensive. You both challenged us and entertained us. Your passion for riding, safety and having fun while riding safely is contagious. You and your team are to be commended. While I believe in capitalism and the persuit of profit, it is indeed a pleasure to come across a business owner whose passion for what he does exceeds the profit motive. It shows and that, I believe, is why you\'re so successful. If you want a volunteer to help you out in the course of your activities, please feel free to give me a shout. If I can help, I\'ll be pleased to. Thank you for all your help.

Bill F


You guys made this a fantastic experience. From day one you treated this 68 year old man as just another one of the group and made me feel at home.

The time, upbeat behaviour, interest, and explanations of each aspect of the course made it a good but at the same time thorough experience.

Can\'t thank you enough - as i said you made me feel 20 again.

Bill C


Fantastic course, I\'m definitely glad I was able to take the 3 day, during the day, course. I had ridden some before with groups, so was a bit comfortable with the mechanics, but didn\'t have the technique. But coming out, I feel so much better about my skill set. I\'m more comfortable and confident, maneuvers that scared the crap out of my before still scare the crap out of me, but now I can do them, and understand how and why I can do them.

Thanks a ton guys, you rock!

Bill B


This was our 2nd time taking this course, with many, many thanks to Trevor for offering us the opportunity to retake this course. Taking it in the daytime while on holidays vs working while taking it enabled us both to focus on one thing-our riding skills. We both felt taking it a second time ( with a couple of rides on our own bikes under our belt) enabled us to absorb and actually apply and make sense of what you were trying to teach us. The first time around was very overwhelming for two people who never rode before, and I think we lost a bit of the knowledge concept because of that. We are forever grateful to Trevor/Rene/Jordan, and their patience with us. This course has made us better drivers in general, and with a whole new respect for the motorcyle, which it commands. The best part was going at speeds of OMG ( for us) on the trails and actual traffic situations and doing it !!!........Thanks again guys, forever grateful.

Ben & Jack A

this was a fantastic experience all around. From the humour in the guys presentations to giving us lots of helpful feedback, hints, and tips during every exercise. Not only am I confident I won\'t have a crash due to my wrong-doing, but I now know how to minimize my risk due to other users of the roads. I\'ll be honking at ya.

Ben W


I thought it was a fantastic course! I really enjoyed all the different techniques taught at low speeds, and getting to try out all the different bikes. My biggest fear was making a mistake and dumping a bike, but you really taught us to get to know how the bike reacts. What makes the bike lean into a corner or how much of the rear brake will it take to lock up. Fundamentals that I would never of used properly, and without training probably never used at all. I want to say that the level of training and entertainment really makes it an experience, something that will stick with me now forever. I am recommending you to everyone I know!

Ben S


Thank you Trevor Derek Mike: we had the most awesome time on the bike course, thanks!

Belinda & Sally


Loved it. Trevor and Rob were superb instructors. Patient and very knowledgeable. They make me want to ride more and take the advanced course! 

I really benefited from the thorough explanations and demonstrations of the skills. I had my class 6 going into the course but now I know why everything I do on a motorcycle works. And all the many things I was doing wrong or did not even know.

Having all the different bikes to try out was great. Plus the amount of practice time was invaluable to learning and honing the skills.

A bit better clarification on bringing your own food and especially water, especially for courses in the middle of summer. Most in the class did not bring enough water the first day and it got to 30s. 

Other than that, this was one of the best run courses I have ever taken, in any facet of my life, personal or professional.

Keep up the great work. I will be recommending your company to anyone that is looking to participate in a motorcycle course.

Barry M


From the very beginning, the course was excellent. One thing that was a big benefit to me, was to really understand what it felt like to be on the road, just you and a motorcycle, and it really helps you understand why the drivers around you cannot be trusted. I think all drivers should have to drive on the road with a motorcycle and perhaps drivers would take a little more caution in what they are doing while driving. And, this would be a great reality television show, haha. The only thing I had trouble with, was hearing... I couldnt hear the instructors at certain points. Other then that, it was amazing!

Autumn S


The few hours that I spent in the course is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The instructors helped me develop the skills I needed to feel confident on the bike. Even if I never get on a motorbike again in my life, I'll remember the street ride we took.

I have a high level of respect for your school and a newfound admiration for the sport. Thanks again for amazing time. I don't see any way you guys can make the experience any better.

Ara S


I would like to say an enormous thank you to all of you for your patience and your guidance throughout the training. I had so much fun during the 3 days training. I choose to do this course and learn to ride a motorcycle because I have been through some real tough time and I felt low and I needed a challenge to prove myselfe that I was able to to do something big ( to me driving a motorcycle is a huge achievement) What a great feeling. I always wanted to learn to drive but now I did it. Little that I knew I was to discover a real passion. I LOVE it! Now I need to work hard to pass the government exam and look forward to come show you my new bike! You guessed it it will be a Ninja. I really appreciated your authenticity Your realness. We need more company like yours, people who love what they do, who really cares about making a difference, again thank you guys.

Annick B


Trevor, Jordan, and Rob are the absolute best! Thanks guys for being so patient and understanding. You inspired me to want to take more lessons to really become the best and safest rider possible. I'm sure you will, unfortunately for you but fortunate for me, have to put up with me again.

Angela M


- Exceptional attention to detail with instruction of techniques and student feedback/assessment of ability
- Quality, up-to-date, relevant reference materials that answered many of my questions
- Excellent instructional design of your course - builds a foundation with plenty of opportunity to practice (repetition), analyse/absorb and receive immediate feedback
- Your collective enthusiasm, ability to convey a lot of technical information while keeping the mood light and obvious enjoyment of working with one another is an amazing combination

Angela L


The course was the hardest thing I've done. I had never ridden a motorcycle before and on the first day I was. It was awesome and well worth the hard work. And I now understand that push steering thing. Really cool.

I don't think you have to improve anything. You were up front about the course from the beginning. You helped me accomplish my goals. 

Andy F


Excellent experience! Great progression on technical skills. Good balance between safety and allowing students to practice and learn from their mistakes. Great to be able to try different bikes. Helped a great deal that instructors were clearly so competent, enthusiastic and friendly. Location/facilities were first class.

Andy D


Well first off I have to say thanks again to Trevor (who couldn't be there for my test due to class teaching), Rob, and Jordan. Thanks to you guy, I passed all 8 parts of my exam with out any errors. I know that I could only have done that because of you guys and all the help you gave me, or sometimes beat into me because I wasn't trusting of you guys haha. But that push outside of my comfort zone really helped. On a side note, YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!! Even though tuesday was a complete beat down, I'm very grateful that you brought me down so that you could build a rider out of me. You guys keep up the superb job and I will for sure recommend you to anyone I know wanting to ride.

I'm not too sure how you can improve on perfection. Keep on doing what your doing.

2 HUGE thumbs up.

Andrew S


I can't say enough good things about my experience with Too Cool. It was so much more than just learning how to ride a motorcycle. It was an entire experience built around it. 

The knowledge, experience, and skill Trevor, Rene, and Jordan have is a huge part of why I think your course is so successful. Not only as motorcycle riders, but as instructors and educators. It is obvious that these guys love what they do for a living, and the energy they bring is infectious to students. I was excited to learn everything I possibly could about riding. Coming from a person with two teachers as parents, I felt the atmosphere created in your course was a perfect learning environment. Superb job.

Going into the course, I was nervous about how safe riding a motorcycle really was. I was happy to see nearly everything taught in the course was based on the concept of rider safety and teaching us how to become better, more aware riders. I loved the constant reinforcement that learning and training and practicing is paramount to rider safety, and to never stop that learning. After taking the course, I feel like I have the tools I need to learn and practice how to be a better rider.

The in-class was both informative and exciting. I left the in-class feeling very welcomed to the sport and the school. Everybody left that night with a genuine thank-you and a handshake on their way out. How personable is that? It was a great experience and a great first impression. Too Cool is a class act all the way.

I was happy to get some perspective on what experienced riders would recommend for riding gear, as well as general maintenance and safety tips. Trevor and Rene provided a lot of insight into the products available for riders which was a huge help. I felt very informed with regards to gear and had a head start on my homework learning what products were right for me. Proper gear is an important part of rider safety.

I found the approach to teaching was excellent. Starting with the basics, building our confidence as we went, and building on the previous day\'s lessons was awesome. The drills we did were very helpful. They were well designed to test us and help us learn. Who hits my kill switch in the middle of an emergency braking drill thus teaching me how to react and safely plan an exit lane with a stalled bike to avoid oncoming traffic? Too Cool, that\'s who. I loved learning that type of real-world stuff.

There was ample time for questions and extra personal attention if you needed it. Once again, the focus on safety as a fundamental was just awesome. I\'m glad we spent a lot of time on low-speed riding. My driver examiner actually commented on how well my low-speed balance and turns were compared to most riders that come through. I told him my friends at Too Cool taught me how to practice that.

The on-road group outing was the perfect first road ride. I felt safe, and I think it gives riders a good first taste of how much fun riding can be, and the community that surrounds it. Never would I have thought to grab a few buddies and go for a day-trip for lunch in my truck... that just sounds both expensive and boring! I\'ve done it twice now on my bike, and it\'s a blast.

All in all, I felt I learned a ton, got a lot out of the course, and had a blast doing it. The guys do a fantastic job of creating a light & fun, yet informing atmosphere and I highly HIGHLY recommend Too Cool and the basic course to everyone I know who might be looking for some rider training.

Andrew L


Trevor and Rob kept it fun and relaxing so one; especially first-time riders, doesn't get flustered and give up.

Friends of mine have taken the course and highly recommended it, as will I.

But maybe offer a version of the Basic Course with more riding hours, allowing further exposure to other sytles of motorcycles (a few hours per M/C).
Possibly offering a training tour. 

Thanks again,

Andrew B


Hi Guys: Just wanted to pass along a HUGE thank-you for giving me the experience of a lifetime. Your patience, knowledge and humour (?evil eye?) is greatly appreciated. It?s an experience that I'll never forget. Thanks again

Amy W


Not only did I learn to be aware of what is around me when I am on a bike, but as a car driver I am now more aware of the motorcyclists that share the road with me.

All of you training us: Trevor, Rob and Rene; you are absolutely fantastic in what you do. Funny and passionate; I really felt comfortable with everything you taught me. You guys are a awesome! Thank you for keeping it on our level, and for treating all of us as a team!

Thank you for giving me the gift of riding!

I really don't think there is anything you can do besides keep learning and bringing it to the class. You do a fantastic job already! 

Amparo K


I just want to take this opportunity to thank you Jordan, Rene and Trevor. The motorcycle class was a challenge for me physically and emotionally and I truely appreciate the patience you had with me. I still find it hard to believe that I rode a motorcycle in Calgary without crashing it (parking lot doesn\'t count! lol) after 2 days of intense training! Going from never been on a bike to riding it was an incredible feeling :o)
You guys had made this an unforgettable experience. 
The class was full of information, much more than I excepted to get. Your instructions were clear and feedback on our learning techniques were constructive. I will recommend your class to anyone who wants to learn how to ride.
I still don\'t know if I will be taking motorcycling as a hobby but I certainly enjoyed it a lot! I was thinking more on a race track than on the road, less unattentive drivers..........
Once again, thank you for your time, energy, and patience :o)



This was the most amazing experience for me. You guys made me feel so comfortable and gave me tons of support when I was frustrated. You found ways to relate riding with different things in my life so that I would better understand what I was trying to do. I absolutely loved this course and look forward to taking more courses with you next spring. Thank you very much for your friendship and guidance I really appreciate it. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!

Amber B


very helpful, and very welcoming and friendly instructors. LOVED IT !! But would be nice to spread out the course so its not four days in a row.

Alyssa G


Hi guys! Just wanted to thank you for a FANTASTIC weekend! Your skill and genuine interest in teaching is a rare thing these days, and most appreciated. 

The weekend was so perfectly organized and seamless that I think some people may not have noticed how much effort was put in behind the scenes. Please know that I was amazed by all the little things you did like: learning all our names right off the bat, moving pylons and bikes around during teaching so we could move right into the next lesson, being ready to go right on time, teaching and encouraging lifelong skills on the bikes, bringing humour and skits to the lessons, taking care of us on our road ride---keeping an eye on 12 people, 12 bikes, 48 signal lights, other cars, pot holes, gravel, obstacles and all the while keeping in communication with each other. I really don't know how you did it!

Trevor, you have a great way of combining humour, personal stories and a sense of responsibility in your lessons. It really made an impact. 
Rene, thanks for making me laugh while I tried to cement in the shoulder check. I think I got it now!
Jordan, thanks for helping me realize when I started to overthink things, and reminding me that there is no spoon. : )

You guys are great! I booked in for the May15 refresher night and will hopefully have my new Ninja by then. Hope to see you then!

Thanks again!

Allison M


This course came very highly recommended and we now understand why. I have riden for decades and was suprised to find out I didn't know anything. I was taking the course with my son Chris who is going to get his license but now realize this course should be mandatory for anyone who has a bike. I will recommend this school to anyone and everyone.

No-one will believe the fun I had in the parking lot and how much I learned.

It was a truly an unforgetable experience and we look forward to taking your advanced course.

We can't thank you enough.

Alister W


I benefitted most from the instructors\' familiarity with every aspect of the subject of riding. It really allowed me to let go of my worries and completely put my trust in their knowledge and guidance, allowing me to learn as much as humanly possible in three short days!

The instructor's expertise, experience and enthusiasm is outstanding! The difference between a good teacher and a great one.

Aline T


I really enjoyed the progression, from knowing nothing about riding or motorcycles to feeling comfortable on a bike on today's streets. There's hardly ever any wasted time during course hours. I liked learning a lot in a short period of time. I thought the course was tought very professionnally. All instructers were knowledgable and easy going. The course structure allows one to learn quickly. I enjoyed every minute on the bikes. I would of liked a bit more time on the road during heavier traffic, maybe by adding an extra night of just road riding. Just so riders know how to handle those situations. The last day was by far the best day of the four. But I think the course was excellent as it is.

Alex M


I like the way you guys work your way through the sequences of learning how to ride. Your methodology works, since everyone in the class was able to ride at the end of the week. Big thumbs up! It's great to be coached by people who see and believe in what they do makes a difference, because it does!

Aletta D


Thank you for being patient with all the students in the class and giving me the confidence to ride a motorcycle.

Agnes H


my experience with you guys was great, it was nice to see three people who love what they do. I think thats why the training is so good. Thats great to see because you dont see that in calgary any more. 
I will definitly be back for the advanced coure down the road, and i will be telling everyone i no about too cool.

Aaron S


I am more than satisfied with the class. I went from never having been on a bike before to being confident enough to go on the road with the class in a day and a half. I was very impressed with the personal attention and interest that all the instructors gave to every student. I also was impressed with how the class left the yard with a feeling that they were part of a support group of riders, and that they were more than welcome to come back and take further training. Thanks.

Aaron L