Your Too Cool Team

You do not get to be one of our instructors by training for a weekend or two, or by simply having an instructor’s license. Before they work with students on their own, our instructors put in hundreds of hours as students themselves, with experienced instructors as their mentors. Furthermore, a commitment to continuous improvement of their own skills, knowledge and training techniques is a basic requirement for each and every one of our instructors which they take pride in. Some of our instructors have experience on the racetrack, from 50cc mini to professional motorcycle road racing. In addition, they have dirt and off-road experience, which is one of the best ways to broaden your skills.



Chief Instructor

Trevor took to riding motorcycles when his dad sat him on a bike at the tender age of three. He began teaching in 1991 and has taught over 24,000 people since. He was a pro road racer at the CMRA, winning both the Superbike and Heavyweight championships in 2004. His energy, enthusiasm, profound experience and genuine riding talent, along with his constant passion for the sport and his need to share it with others is what makes Trevor an exceptional instructor.


Senior Instructor

One of the greatest compliments is to have a former student from ten years prior come back and want to teach. While Trevor did not remember Rene when he called to join the team, Trevor knew that the school had found yet another outstanding instructor the moment Rene Walked into the Tim Hortons. From all of the motorcycle pictures on his walls and the multitudes of copies of motorcycle magazines on his living room table… Rene bleeds the same riding blood as we all do.



Brent brings with him an amazing coaching background and a very positive laid back attitude. He thrives on being early and doing always that little extra. He has strong family beliefs that really fit in nicely with our family of riders. He loves his Italian motorcycle so much that his wife has called it his Italian mistress Gina. Why Gina, you ask? It’s named after Gina Lollobrigida who was considered the Italian version of Marilyn Monroe. Guess you can tell he spends a lot of time on her.

To Be Announced…

Junior Part-Time Instructor

Shhh…. it’s a surprise!!


Special Guest Mechanical Instructor

Don teaches our Gold class maintenance course as he is a Journeyman Red Seal Mechanic with over 35 years of industry experience turning more wrenches on more bikes than you could imagine. He’s been riding for even more – drag racing for over 40 years, taking home 13 championships and 4 Wally’s! He is the founder and owner of Universal Cycle, one of the largest independently owned motorcycle shops in Calgary and area. Don is a no-BS guy who stands behind his and his crew’s work which is why Universal is Too Cool’s go-to. You’ll also find him at our Off-Road Academy passing on his knowledge. Like Trev, Don eats, sleeps, lives, and breathes this love called motorcycling.


Motorcycle Operations Manager

Or known as M.O.M. for short… and we are not just talking about her height. All kidding aside, Lanchi is really the nervous system of our team. She loves riding and helping people do things that some might see as impossible or that others may have said you could not do. It’s how she met the Chief – at 5’2″ and 80 pounds soaking wet, she wanted to see if she was big enough to ride. From that moment on, Trevor knew that her heart made up for any lack of height or size. Her will is second to none. She not only pushes Trevor to be the best instructor he can be, she supports our students so that they too can achieve their dream and find that amazing ride. She really lives up to the title of M.O.M.


Team Medic, Sponsorship Manager

Sandra always has an inner child waiting to come out and play. In the summer of 2013 that child came out with an abundance of excitement once she came back from her road ride with us. Motorcycling was for her. Sandra comes from a family of riders, one of her brothers being one of the best officers on two wheels in Victoria’s police department. She has an amazing willingness to learn and try new things even in instances where she thinks it is above her level – it does not faze her one bit. She has attended the Blackfoot Off-Road Training Academy and RawHyde Adventure’s level one. In addition, she frequents our Taste the Dirt at Wildrose Motocross Park along with a few of our off-road courses. It doesn’t stop there, Sandra recently completed a one day track school with Reg Pridmore at Willow! If history repeats itself she will be attending many more schools with us. We have such a strong family connection with Sandra and her family that we are overjoyed to have her a part of our team. She is not only there when we need a medical consult but will be taking on a role as a liaison between our school and our outstanding sponsors. We couldn’t think of a more perfect motorcycle ambassador!

Honorary Mentions

A few very wonderful motorcyclists who have graced us with their time at Too Cool.

Jordan “Rockstar” Lewis

Retired Senior Instructor

From the first moment Trevor met Jordan at the race track, it was apparent that Jordan was not teaching to his full potential with the school he was with. He was invited to come and watch how Too Cool taught. Trevor knew from that point that Jordan’s talents would shine at our school. Jordan brought his pure passion of our sport to every class. His patience and ability to help coach students made him an exceptional instructor. He has now gone on to pursue a career with the Fire Department and we wish him the best of luck!

Jack “Bulls-Eye” Latta

Retired Senior Private Instructor

Jack strives for perfection and has attended Rich Oliver’s Mystery School and Colin Edwards Texas Tornado Boot Camp. He has made many a lap at track days up in Edmonton where he also got his wife hooked on riding at the track. Next up is the California Super Bike School at Laguna – we sure wish we could be there with him! Jack understood what it is like to be a student. He always found the right thing to say and his coaching style complemented our school. If you’re up at Castrol, you may see him zipping around on track days – that’s where he hopes to spend some of his free time now!

Alan “Spud” Connor

Retired Off-Road Instructor

“Spud” is a young man with a passion for motorsports and has been around motorcycles all of his life because of his family. With the intention of learning from the best, Alan chose to attend Too Cool Motorcycle School. He was instantly hooked and will always remember the pure joy of his first road ride. Alan discovered that adventure riding was his passion immediately after getting his license and first bike. The idea of boundless travel and the fantastic tales that come with it had him hooked. He set a goal to become as capable a rider as possible in the face of adventure. So, he took Too Cool’s Taste the Dirt then enrolled himself in a BMW GS training course. At the end of the season, he traveled to Castaic, California to take part in adventure training at Raw Hyde Adventures. He had a fantastic time and made it out of the Mojave Desert alive… and in one piece. He has now gone on to run his very own motorcycle tours company and we wish him the best!

Zack “Mr Perfect” O’Geil

Retired Off-Road Instructor

Zack is a Too Cool Alumni himself. Some would say he bleeds KTM orange. He shows incredible confidence and skill and is a natural off-road rider. His charming demeanor and his laid-back nature is infectious to everyone he teaches and teaches with. He is always willing to help and he loves the sport as all of us here. We are proud to have Zack as a part of our off-road team. Also, he hates it when Lanchi hugs him.

Doug “Maverick” Rafuse

Retired Refresher & Private Instructor

Doug put his understanding of flying to the test when he took not just one but two motorcycle training courses. These courses provided Doug the necessary confidence and competence to enjoy riding on today’s roads. Long tours and riding in heavy traffic is one of Maverick’s many likes. The relaxing nature of long tours, whether it be in Canada or the United States, partnered with the focus and concentration needed to ride in heavy traffic, has all the components of flying that Doug enjoyed for many years. In 2000, Doug became a Sr. Motorcycle Instructor and has brought his wealth of experience, patience and humbleness into our sport, one story and skill at a time. It was a pleasure having him on our team.

Knut “Rabbit’s Foot” Skarstol

Retired Refresher Instructor

When Trevor first met Knut, he had his license but wanted an evaluation to see if he needed to take further instruction. He soon signed up for what would be the only good disease out there – motorcycling! Knut has helped on countless rides and helped many people believe that if they want to ride they can, no matter what their age. For Trevor, he represented why Trev is still teaching after so many great years and will always hold a special spot in our hearts.

Terrence “Snowman” Robbins

Retired Instructor

Terrence is very energetic and enthusiastic about our sport. When he is not teaching with us, you can find him drag racing his 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa 1340. The man loves his speed but he knows where to take it… to the track! Look out, this boy knows how to lean. Terrence started teaching because of some close calls that were partially to blame for the skills that he had forgotten over the years.