A thoroughly enjoyable experience.

I completed the Silver course on Sunday morning 7th May 2017 with a cold wet ride around the city. The skills that Trevor, Rene and Brett had shared with and embedded in me, gave me a sense of confidence and proficiency that made the ride extremely enjoyable. The big question for me now was when to take the test. Today 10th May, I went out with a friend with a class 6 who was willing to ride with me, after the ride he said that in his experience after watching me ride for 3 hours that I should take the test as soon as possible. I had demonstrated the skills, techniques and competence to pass the test.
Also the connections that Trevor shared helped me get a good deal on insurance, listen to this guy he knows what he is talking about.
Trevor and team thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience. Lanchi thanks for your patience and support with all my dumb ass questions.
The choice and variety of bikes allowed me to get a good understanding of how each type works, big hint don’t dismiss the Groms they are kick ass fun.
Cant wait to get out on the road again, the biking bug has definitely bitten me. Hope to see you guys in the next few weeks over at the McMahon car park with a class 6 in hand!