Best training I ever got.

When I was 20 I got a bike and just got on the road, back then that’s just how it was done. One day a senior crept into my lane. I booted her car (bad idea) and she went back into her lane. What freaked me out was she never looked to see where the noise came from, it was like this sort of thing happened all the time to her. I hung up my helmet, but riding stayed on my bucket list and the bug bit me again last year. This time I knew I needed to ‘do it right’ and get professional training. I had some work conflicts but the guys managed to squeeze me into a class that fit my schedule and the 3 days I spent on-bike in the course changed my life. I really mean that. The drills and practice I did gave me skills and confidence (but not too much). I was nervous going on the road ride but by the time it was over I knew: 1) how to avoid problems in traffic like the one that stopped me from riding so many years ago, 2) what kind of bike would make me a better rider and do and go where I wanted to take it, and 3) that I couldn’t wait to do my road test and get that badge of accomplishment, a class 6 endorsement on my licence. The only regret I have is not taking this course years ago.